Friday, August 10, 2012

"What are YOU doing here???"

So this happened today:It was only temporary. I had a couple dolls from the Vintage Shelf down so I could deal with their greasy faces, and since I had already messed it up a bit I decided to take everyone down so I could dust. And once I had everyone moved out and finished my dusting, on a lark I decided to see if I could take all the dolls sitting on the sewing cabinet on their shelf and pose them similarly to how the vintage dolls are usually set up. It actually worked out pretty well. There's Francie where Francie normally is, Skipper for where Skipper normally is, Mod for Mod, Vintage for Vintage, and so on. The only main differences is that there are no Ken dolls waiting to be dressed, so vintage Barbie had to go in his spot. But I was pleasantly surprised how well they all fit. Not that they're going to end up anything like that, but it was cool to see. I've since put them all back on the sewing cabinet and put the vintage dolls back in their rightful place.

I did do a little sewing today, but ended up quitting on it. I found a dress that I liked for my Bend Leg Midge. It was a cute little dress with cardigan like jacket top. I was going to use one of the fabrics that I bought yesterday for it. I did need to adapt a pattern for the jacket, but that was easy. After two quick muslin practice pieces I was comfortable enough with the pattern and cut it out. I made some progress on the jacket, but I wasn't liking how it was turning out. It just wasn't translating well from my brain to the actual garment. So I quit. Luckily the fabric I chose for it was one of the larger pieces that I bought so I have plenty still to make something else out of it. Oh well, back to the drawing board for Midge! (And everyone else)

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