Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back out with Reservations

When I decided to skip going out yesterday it was with the knowledge that today would be a better option to go out. I had more time so I didn't have to rush and in general less other stuff to get done during our time out. It's just... I didn't want to go.
I was again feeling guilty for being such a burden on my parents. There are times were I just feel so bad for still living with them it just gets me down. I honestly thought about skipping the whole trip. That way if I don't go, I wouldn't be tempted to spend any money. Late last night I made the decision that I was going to skip the trip and just stay home, but I ended up needing to go. I had two things sell last night from my Etsy store. Not to the same person, but two separate orders. It was quite shocking since lately I haven't had anything sell, and then I had two back to back sell. And I'm not complaining or anything, I'm thrilled that something's sold. It just meant that I had to go out in order to get them into the mail. Yes, I didn't have to go, and could have just sent my Dad to the post office on my behalf, but I always feel bad making him run my errands like that. So I ended up going. I did however skip getting the more expensive items on my list (which I will need to get eventually), and tried to curb my spending into what I need compared to what I want. Not that I was always so successful in that.
We did stop into the second hand stores, and I managed to avoid getting anything in the first two of them. It's just at the Christian Second Hand store I found my downfall. I managed to get two things there. One of them was a bit of adorable rose fabric for a dollar, and the other one was a pattern. The fabric is super adorable, and would work wonderfully for a vintage doll. I got about a yard with a tiny but cut out from it. The pattern is Vouge pattern number 8658 for a 23" Teddy Bear. Don't worry, I don't plan on going into stuffed animals, but I'm going to need to use that pattern for a project of my own. I don't need it in that size, but the shapes will be very helpful in what I'm going to be doing. That was only a quarter, so I really didn't break the bank on either thing actually.
I also stopped into Hobby Lobby, where I was also trying to be frugal. I was there for a couple reasons. The first one was to pick up some more bobbins. They were on sale this week, and I needed more. Since my Kenmore is still down and out I'm using my mother's Brother machine. All the bobbins I have are metal, and the Brother one needs plastic. I have about eight that are plastic, but that's not enough. I've been running out of empty bobbins and have been forced to undo some when I'm in dire need of an empty one. I bought a new package, so I'll have plenty of spares. And when my Kenmore gets fixed I can give these to my mother. I needed to stop in this week since they were on sale and I didn't want to wait several weeks until they were on sale again. My second reason for being there was that I was looking for a specific fabric for Joe's Halloween costume. It's going to be a companion piece to Charlotte's. I just didn't have anything for it in my stash, and was curious if Hobby Lobby had anything that worked. I was looking for some craft fur. I looked in that section, but everything I found was either the wrong color or the hair was too long. I didn't want Joe looking like the Shaggy Dog! I did find something that would sort of work for what I wanted in the fabric section, but held off getting it. So all I bought there was the bobbins, and a new sheet of snaps since I started using my last full sheet and didn't want to run out (and they were also on sale).
There's a reason why I didn't get that fabric when I was there, it wasn't on sale, and I didn't have a coupon. That's because I didn't have my phone. I have yet to get it to turn on from turning it off yesterday to show my mom what was going on, so I didn't even bother bringing it out with me. For someone who rarely uses my phone, I really feel so lost without it. It's such an inconvenience to not have it the few times that I actually need it. Luckily I'm going too long without one. Yesterday the people at Verizion sent me a new (to me) phone overnight. It actually arrived when I was out. So I won't be without one after I get this new one all set up. Please keep your finger's crossed for me that this one works. So far it's worked like it should. I'm going to slowly start putting everything back on it. I'm not totally raring to go on that since this will be the third go-around of having to do that.

Oh! And update on the Pork Chop glass incident. My Dad took the package back to Food Lion where they swore up and down that the glass couldn't have come from them (I think that's standard procedure so we can't sue them easily). They did apologize and refund our money for them. I just hope that never happens again.

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