Friday, September 14, 2012


I went out again today. I sort of didn't need to, but I sort of did. You see I had another two pattern sell, which is just awesome. The thing is, I went to get the padded envelopes to pack them in, and wouldn't you know it, I was out. I honestly thought I had another package left. I did have larger envelopes, but I decided that they could slide around in them and get beat up when traveling, so the smaller envelopes would be better. But that was a problem, because it was already so late in the day that I could either make it to the post office before it closed, or make it to the dollar store to get envelopes, I couldn't do both.
I ended up getting the envelopes today. I guess the patterns will get into the mail tomorrow. I bought three packages of them, as well as one of the larger envelopes (it was the only one in the store). So next time I sell a pattern I won't have to make a decision to mail it a day later or in a too big envelope. I now have enough packing supplies for four more patterns, and hopefully I'll be more aware of my envelope status and not run out again like that.
Since the post office was closed by this time, I ended up making my way over to the Christian Second Hand store. We had just been there the other day, but we were in the area, and it was still open. I didn't find much. I managed to avoid getting some newer dolls to resell since they wouldn't bring in that much money and I still have a pile of other dolls waiting to be listed, but I still got something. It's an older Halloween jack-o-lantern bucket. I only got it because it was cute, looked vintage, and was only fifty cents. I'm not sure how old it is, but it was made in Norfolk Virgina. I think he's going to stick around for this Halloween for decorations, but not sure if he'll end up living here. He does have a fun expression, I keep chuckling whenever I look at it.
I also stopped into Hobby Lobby today. Now that my phone is working I had the coupon to use. I ended up getting a half yard of that brown fur I scoped out last time I was in there. It's actually "Furry Felt". All I know is, that it was brown, was short enough to work in 1:6 scale, and had a right side and a wrong side. That's all I was looking for. Hopefully it isn't too terrible to work with. I haven't done anything with it yet, but so far it seems okay. I also made an impulse buy when I was there. I was looking though the fabric section when I found a new bolt of black calico. They had finally restocked it. It was the expensive stuff, but it was not gray like the other bolt. I ended up getting a half yard. I need it for at least three separate projects right now so I figured that I should get it. Hopefully there will be some left over after these three projects so I can have some in my stash, but I've lived a while without any black calico not having any for a bit isn't that big of a deal. I guess I don't use black that often.
Back at home I started working with Charlotte's Halloween costume again. Last time I was working with it I noticed that I had messed up in a spot where the collar met the neck hole opening, and I had to rip the entire thing out to fix. I did that, and fixed it, but it ended up being worse. I tried it for a third time, and while it's better I'm noticing some issues with the dress. The fabric is starting to look a little pulled in several spots, especially in the sleeves. It's starting to look bad, and there's some fit issues again. I'm starting to think buying my fabric from Walmart was a bad idea. This is the second time that just from sewing the fabric has started to show more wear than it should. Not happy about that. There's also some fit issues going on so I'm thinking about just redoing it. But I'm not thinking about that right now. I don't even want to deal with that tonight.
It's a good thing nobody replies to yesterday's post, since I did absolutely nothing to do with any of the options (okay, maybe the Halloween costume one, so barely nothing).

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