Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I play with dolls... for free!

I did some sewing today. Nothing new, just some work on that dress for my brunette ponytail. I managed to finish it today, but I'm not sure she's going to end up with it. I mean I do like it, but from all the working and reworking I had to do with it, parts of it are looking a bit... worse for wear. I'm wondering if I should remake it, taking into consideration what I learned from this go around.

But I didn't start with that today, instead I went out. I went to see "Paranormal". I said I'd go see it with my dad a while ago, but kept putting it off whenever he asked. I even declined about going today, but felt bad afterwards, like I was giving him the runaround, so I asked if he still wanted to go today, and he did. And I'm glad he did. It was a really great movie! It was a good mix of creepy/funny/deep. I will say that it was a bit more mature in some aspects than I was expecting. So I'm glad I wasn't there with a child, but I really liked it. My dad was even talking about going back, I think if he does, I'll go too.

I do love me some stop motion animation (I want a job where I can play with dolls all day!).

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  1. I did want to see Paranorman so it's good to hear some review of it. I enjoy cartoons more than the grownup films most days