Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Month Starts Anew

I was actually a little bit worried that once I got Skipper's dress finished, that my creative streak would be over. I mean that's happened before, once I ran out of things to do, I had a streak where nothing happened sewing wise. Maybe that's why I held of finishing Skipper's dress, because once I had finished that last thing, it might have been the last thing for a while. By avoiding it, I always had something slated so my creativity wasn't stifled by obsessing over what project I'd start next.
And it was true, that after I got Skipper dressed I was really didn't have anything planned. All the dolls that I had ideas for had been either dressed or I had discarded what I was thinking about dressing them in. So I turned to my old stand by, doing some online searches in an effort to find something I liked.
I ended up picking a doll that was still waiting to be dressed, my Fashion Queen. I've been thinking for a while she was going to end up in a suit, but haven't decided on what kind of suit yet, so I did some searches for "60's Suit" over on Etsy. There was actually a lot of results that came from that, and a great deal of them weren't actual suits. I found lots of things, for many eras that I liked. I saved a bunch of pictures for inspiration for several different dolls and eras. Sadly I didn't find anything that really called out to me for Fashion Queen, so she ended up going back to the sewing cabinet for another day, and I selected a different doll.
Instead of the Fashion Queen I picked up my brunette Ponytail. In my search I found a dress with an interesting collar. It was a familiar collar because I had actually made something like it a loooooong time ago. Many years ago before the blog, and before I had been sewing very long. It was a dress that while usable at the time, it was a very early effort. I still have it somewhere, I should take it out and show you all it... maybe. I believe the collar is called a rolled collar. For an example it's the same collar used on Barbie's "Dancing Doll" outfit. While I had made it years ago, now the pattern was not up to my standards. So I started working on it. I ended up doing several small tweaks to it. It took me a while, but I managed to get a decent fit and I felt confident to make an actual go at it.
For the fabric I chose a navy cotton with tiny white polka dots. The collar was going to be plain white cotton. I got all of the machine sewing done today. I went with a simple straight skirt to pair with the bodice. I didn't finish early enough to start finishing it, but that's what tomorrow is for.

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