Tuesday, September 11, 2012

If you told me my day was going to be like this, I wouldn't have believed you.

Wow, what a day.

So my day started off with someone calling Verizion on my behalf. You know how they sent me a new phone to replace the one that had that hardware issue that rendered it useless? Well I didn't mention it (or at least I don't think I mentioned it), but my new phone's been having trouble. When you turn it on, it doesn't start. Instead it goes to a lit black screen and stays like that. In order to "fix" the problem you have to take out the battery and try it again, and pray that it works. I have never have this phone turn on from the first try, I have to take out the battery 2 or 3 times in order to get it to work. And it's not a problem with me just not giving it enough time to start up, I let it sit for two and a half hours like that just to test if it was just taking a long time to start up. And I think having my "new" phone doing that is a bit much. So we called and they're going to send me another refurbished phone. And it's a good thing too, I turned my phone off to show my mom what I was talking about, and I have yet to get it to turn back on. I really think it's dead. So it sucks that I spent all that time putting my music and contacts back into my new phone, but at least I didn't get spent my time putting everything back on it only to have to do it for a third time. But I'm totally without a phone which is normally not such a big deal but I was planning on going out today.
I needed to go out to pick up some supplies for a craft that I'm doing as a gift for someone. So I would like to have my phone in case I needed to call someone, but I ended up not going out. It's just ended up being not worth going out today. We had a lot of places to go, and not much time to do it. I didn't want to rush and get the wrong thing, and really my stuff can wait. So instead of going out I worked on Fluff's outfit. I just ended up finishing the shirt today, I didn't get to start working on the jumper because...
I went to go see Paranorman again! Yes, I saw the movie twice, which is the second time I've ever seen a movie in theaters twice. The first time was "Corpse Bride", another stop motion film. Anyway, this time I went with my brother, and again with my father. We went to a different theater since it wasn't playing at the one we went to last time. We got there with a few minutes to spare, so we were sitting there and the screen is frozen, then it went black. So we're waiting, wondering what's going on. After a little bit, someone that works there came into the room and said there was an issue with the projector and the manager was working on it. And he gave us some free tickets for waiting so patiently. So we kept waiting, and they managed to get the sound working, but not the picture. So the guy comes in again and says that we could either take another ticket, or go see another movie that was starting at that time. We go to get our second ticket and go home, and the movie starts, so we're able to see it. I won't lie, this was my first time getting a comp ticket due to some technical issue, so it's kind of cool in a weird way. Not sure what I'll see with it, but I've got my options.
And btw, Paranormal, just as good the second time. I still highly recommend it. My Dad mentioned seeing it again with our comp tickets, which I'm sort of on the fence about. I am planning on getting the DVD when it comes out, but seeing a movie three times in theaters seems a bit excessive, no matter how good it is.
After the movie and back at home, my stomach was rumbling. It was around nine, and I hadn't had dinner yet. So I decided to have a pork chop that my Dad had made when we get home. I rarely eat pork chops, but I was hungry. So I was eating it, and having a good time, when I bit down on something really hard. It was a bit unusual so I fished it out of my mouth... it was a piece of glass! A small bead of broken glass, it looks like it came off of something that shattered. I showed it to my mom who verified that it was glass. We tried wracking our brain as to where it came from. Nobody could think of the last time any glass like that was broken in the kitchen, so we think it came from the pork chops themselves. Which is scary. I'm just glad I didn't break a tooth or slice open my mouth on it. We're going to go to the store tomorrow and return the package and tell them why we're doing that.
Luckily that was the last weird thing of the day, but I think that's enough, don't you?

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