Monday, September 3, 2012

Just Whistle While you Work....

I started off today with some cleaning. With all my sewing I've been really lax on putting stuff away when I was done with it. For the past week I just sort of left everything out because I moved onto the next project as soon as I was done with the previous one. And when you're working in such a small space as I am, a little clutter really becomes a big problem. Lately I've been just moving stuff off my desk onto the bed during the day, then moving it back at night so I can sleep. It's really not the best system, but works when I need it. But today I worked on putting away all of the materials, patterns, and general clutter that I've been moving around. But I didn't stop there. I even managed to put away some stuff that I've been trying to find a place for several months. I boxed up several books that I've been meaning to and moved them into the attic. The small pile of clutter on the floor is about half the size it was this morning, and the pile that lives on my desk is so much smaller. I wasn't able to clear it all away, but it's so much better after my efforts of today.
I also managed to get a couple things posted over on the Dollpage. I've also been really bad about getting stuff posted over there, but today I managed to get five things listed. Still a lot more to go, but progress is progress. I'm going to have to start forcing myself to get the rest of the stuff listed, it's really doing me no good cluttering up my dresser. I know I say this every time I talk about listing stuff on there, but here's hoping something sells. I really want to pay those Ken dolls off.
Not much to report about doll sewing. I did do some work on that dress for the Brunette Ponytail. I'm sort of on the fence about it. I like the top part, but I think it needs some sort of design element at the waist. I don't care the the wide expanse of the polka dots . I tried a couple things in an effort to fix this issue, including a white belt and adding some pearl beads in a mock double breasted look, but I didn't care for either look and removed them. In the end I decided it was the style of the skirt giving me problem. So I removed the straight skirt and replaced it with a full skirt. I think it works better. Also with this new skirt I can use some white ribbon around the waist and it looks better that how it did with the straight skirt. I didn't get around to finishing it today, but that's what tomorrows for. And at least now I have a clean desk to work on. Yay for that!

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