Friday, September 7, 2012

The First of the Month... on the Seventh...

I started off this morning working on that dress I made for my blonde TNT Flip last night. Charlotte is still wearing the first version, still unfinished. I don't think I'm going to finish it. The more I look at and work on the second version I like that one so much better. It just looks so much more ... better, both style and technique wise. Besides, I really don't think anyone with the belly button body needs a dress like that. I'm just going to stick it into the unfinished project box to die.
But I did finish the second dress, seam reinforcement and snaps, all that good stuff. I also replaced the ribbon on the dress that I was using as a stand in as I was working with it. I do that, if a dress or something needs ribbon I'll grab a piece out of my cut pieces of ribbon bag to use to give me an idea of how it will look. I was using a bit of that icky pink plastic ribbon I bought by mistake, but when I went to replace it with the satin type ribbon, I liked the look and width of the plastic one better, so I just replaced it with a less used piece. I figure since it's just tied on, if I want to replace it later on I can. I don't know what it was with this dress, but it took me several hours to finish it, but I did finish it today.
But I wasn't ready to put it on the doll just yet. She needed a bath first. Since she's on a spare body, when I first got it I did wash it, but not that well. So today I gave it a bit of a scrubbing. I also used some tape to stick her leg in place. Like I said yesterday she's on a Quick Curl Body, that suffers from some melting. So not only does the tape keep her leg on, it's also a layer between her and the dress. I have a couple other dolls with melting issues, and I try to keep something between their clothes and their melting spots. The tape helped me not have to make a pair of shorts. And when I find a new TNT body for her, I won't have to deal with the melt issues and her dress will be safe!
Also I should mention something about this doll, her face has yellowed. And while I know that's a common issue for Mod dolls, I have no idea how it happened to her. She didn't arrive like that, and I've kept her out of the sunlight since she showed up, and P.J., another Mod doll who arrived the same day as her, is sitting right next to her is still the same color she was when she arrived. So I'm really not sure how that happened. It's weird.
Anyway, when she was dried from her bath, I worked on finishing her outfit. I tied a bit of small pink ribbon in her hair, and for shoes I gave her a pair of light pink pumps I had. I think these are clone shoes so they don't fit most dolls, but her feet are narrow enough to be able to fit them. And like that she was done! My first fully dressed doll of the month. But enough prattling on, here she is in her dressed debut:

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