Saturday, September 15, 2012

Third time's the Charm

I went out again this morning, yes I know, again. But this was a really quick trip, and a necessary one. I needed to get those patterns into the mail today. I've already made one person wait several days before doing so and I already felt really bad about it, and would feel even worse if I had to make them wait any longer. They were all ready to go last night right after I got home, but I had to wait until morning to actually get them to the post office. So today I got them all taken care of and they're in the mail system and out of my hands. One's going to Germany, and the other to the United Kingdom. I still think it's so cool that my patterns are going to these places all over the globe!
I also went to one of the thrift stores while out since it was on the way and we hadn't gone yesterday. It was a real quick stop, and I didn't find anything I wanted, sometimes those things happen.
When I got back home I started working on Charlotte's Halloween costume, but not the dress. With this costume there's two undergarments that go underneath it. There's a bodysuit, and a petticoat. Originally I decided to only make the petticoat since I felt the bodysuit would add bulk to the costume, and I didn't plan on taking the dress off her, but since I wanted to work on it, but haven't made a decision on the dress I decided to take a stab at it. Also it looks like the dress would fit better if Charlotte was wearing something under it, so I decided to make it. It was like this was a sign or something.
I did have to draft the pattern for the body suit. I used photos of the original one to create my own pattern. I used the pattern for Charlotte's turtleneck with sleeves bodysuit to make one that was sleeveless. I did change something from the original bodysuit, what material it was made of. The original is a cotton organza, mine is jersey knit in order to make it more form fitting and less bulky. Since Charlotte is an adult and the character she's portraying is a child I will need to do some adapting to keep the outfit less bulky and not throw off the proportions of Charlotte too much. While it would be nice to be able to say it was a totally accurate reproduction of the original, at the end of the day whether or not it looks good on Charlotte is my biggest concern.
Since I've worked with this pattern a lot and wasn't changing a whole lot, I skipped making a test piece from what I adapted. I started with attaching the sides together. That's usually a late step in the original way these things are constructed, but with changing the top part, it also made the pattern three separate pieces instead of one single one, so I needed to sew them all together before I could start working on the rest of it. I used the tulle trick to help hem the leg holes, but I needed to add something when I was topstitching them. The bodysuit I'm copying has a cute scalloped trim around both leg holes (it also has it around the top). I did have a useable trim that I had bought a while back. It was some eyelet material, and I'd have to trim it since it was too wide and just use the scalloped edges. So I did both legs like this, but when I was cutting away the excess material, the back part of the bodysuit swung down and got caught in the scissors, and I cut it. I haven't had this happen often, but when it does, it infuriates me! I hate it! So, that end up being a waste of time. I used it to see if it fit Charlotte, and when I figured out it did, I threw it into the trash. Grr. I guess I ended up making a test piece after all.
But I wasn't ready to give up just yet. After I cooled down, I started on it again. I made sure that this time I didn't get the fabric caught between the blades of the scissors when I was cutting. I managed to get all the machine sewing done on this one. I even was able to add the scallop trim to the top when I was doing the topstitching, including mitering it to match up with the corners. But when I was working on finishing it, I ran into some trouble. Since I was adding a cotton trim to the legs, I was really getting rid of the stretchy aspect of the fabric. It could still stretch, but not as much as normal. I was able to get Charlotte's legs in it, but it was a little tight, and it was really hard to take it off her. Also since I had used a small seam allowance for the legs, there was a bit of extra fabric... down there, between her legs. This isn't that big of a deal, but with Charlotte's legs together... it created some wrinkles... that were very.... unsightly and inappropriate. So I decided that I couldn't use it. Between the fit issue and that other issue, I wasn't happy with it, and was never going to be.
So I made it for a third time, using a large seam allowance for the legs. That seemed to fix both issues (even though there's still some wrinkles down there, but they're not nearly as obscene as before. I managed to finish this one, even attaching the ribbon straps (which also use that scalloped trim on each side). I did have to take one side out entirely and reposition it, but boy am I glad to be finished with it. This was quite the ordeal. But I will say that I like it, it's a really cute bodysuit. I think this will end up in Charlotte's wardrobe, even if the rest of the costume does not. For a gal with so many clothes, she does end up nude a lot, so it's always nice to have some quick and modest underthings to throw on.

And I got a present in the mail today! From Muff at "Hey, It's Muff". She graciously offered to give me this darling dress that she got in a box of stuff. I know I'm normally "I dislike pink", but this is too cute! It has a tag in it for Disney, (which I kind of guessed just based off it's design before I found the tag) so I assume it's for a line of Ice Skating dolls based on it's fur trim and general design. If I had to take a guess I'd say Sleeping Beauty, since her usual colors are Pink. I roped my lemon bubblecut into wearing it since she was the closest one handy, but I'm not letting her keep it. I'm definitely going to be using this in my Christmas decorations!
Thank you so much Muff!

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  1. So glad you got it! I figured it had to be some kind of holiday wear. I didn't even look inside for a label, lol.