Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chilly day with a chance of Scattered Projects.

Today was the kind of day where I didn't focus on just one project. That happens when I really don't have anything I want to work on. Instead I flittered around on several different projects, getting a little done on each of them, but not a crazy amount of progress on one thing.

I started off with listing a doll over on the Show and Sell page. My dresser is getting overrun with stuff for there and my Etsy store. And since it's doing my absolutly no good sitting on my dresser I need to start listing things so I can move them off my dresser. Also with Christmas coming up I really need to sell some things so I can afford to buy presents for my family. I've already done some window shopping, and I have ideas for the majority of them, now I just need the funds. It looks like it's going to cost around 10-15 for most people, meaning I'm going to have to sell two things per person since my own items are usually on the lower end of the price range. Here's hoping something sells, or else people will be getting IOU's from me. (And I really don't want to do that!) So I think I'm going to have to work on listing stuff every day for a while. So while I only got one doll listed over on the Dollpage, I did get photos taken for three other dolls, so that's a start. And photos are always the hardest part.

I also did some work on dressing the dolls for Halloween. I got both Kelly and Tommy dressed. Tommy is the same as he was last year, but Kelly is something new. I don't have that much in terms of Kelly and Tommy clothes, so their options are limited. I also worked on something for Pierre. I really didn't have anything I wanted him to wear. I did put him in something just so he had a costume, but I didn't really care for it. I had an idea for a different costume when I was looking for accessories for the first costume. It would mean making something new, but it would be really simple. I did some work on it, but I don't really care for it. I still like the idea of it, but not how I was doing it. That's about where I stopped on that project today. I'm going to have to draft something for it, if there's time. Quite honestly, Halloween is approaching, and I still have so much other stuff to do. Poor Pierre might have to go back to the first costume. There's still four other dolls waiting for costumes that I still have no ideas for.

And finally I did some sewing for Charlotte today. I ended up working on her underwear again. The other day after changing Mary Clair into her Halloween costume I looked at the underwear I had just taken off her. They're from Mattel, and wanted to compare their pattern to mine. I realized they were made from one piece of fabric. The pattern that I was using, adapted from the body suit pattern was made from three pieces. It didn't even occur to me that I could simplify the pattern like that. The bodysuit needed side seams in order to work, but the underwear didn't. So today I drafted a new pattern, eliminating the side seams. I also changed a few other minor things that I felt needing tweaking from the last pair I made. And so I made a pair from this new pattern, and while it was better it was far from perfect. Just like the older ones this one was too long in the back. I ended up giving them to another male doll (don't tell Charlotte that a male doll wears the same size pants as she does, she'll never forgive me). There was another issue with the pair that I gave away. With the only real seam located at the bottom between the legs it ended up looking a little bulky. It looks better on the guy, but on Charlotte, it looked a little... unsightly. I was thinking about ways to cut down the bulk there, but then I remembered that swimsuit that the person I bought Malibu Francie from included as a freebie with her. In that suit the back seam wasn't located between the legs, it was actually further back, and located on the seat. That would definitely solve the issue I was having with my pattern. In order to do that with my pattern, I had to add some length to the front crotch piece, and take out some from the back.
So that's what I did, sort of winging it, but I did test the paper pattern out on Charlotte to see that it would fit. It did, so I cut it out in fabric, but when I was doing the top stitching I messed it up, and while I was removing it I ended up ripping the fabric. So that pair was a wash, I was able to use them to test the fit of the pattern however. I needed to take the back seam in a bit on order to get them to fit decently. I drafted a new pattern, and started over. These ones came out much better. The back seam isn't as pretty as I would like, but I think I can live with them. If I decide I can't they're actually pretty simple to make. It takes longer to do the hand finishing than the machine sewing on them.
I do like them, they're actually a really nice basic underwear pattern. It is a shame that I only have a few people who use the belly button body since this was designed for it. I'll have to see if it can also fit other body types. It would be nice to have some more underwear available, we are a modest bunch around here after all.

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