Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halfway to Halloween!

Well around here it is. Today I broke down and started dressing the dolls on Charlotte's shelf in their Halloween costumes. I will admit that I thought about skipping it this year, but then I realized, what's the fun in that? I have all these costumes and not much reason to use them for the rest of the year. So I dumped out the costume bag, and started pulling out stuff and redressing people. 
I managed to get half of the shelf in their costumes today. I got the easy ones done today. I did try to mix it up this year compared to last year, but several dolls still ended up in the same costumes that they wore last year. Mary Clair, Modern Circle, and Re-rooted Midge all defaulted back to last years look. I can't help it, I just really like how it looks on them. The Midge I got from my birthday ended up in the cat costume Ashley wore last year, and Ashley got an old costume of Charlotte's. Vanessa got a costume I had kicking around, but I still need to make something for it. So far only Joe has gotten something new for Halloween. I actually made it a while ago, but didn't share it with you. So at least there's something new for you all to anticipate!
Because right now, I don't think I'll end up making what I planned to for Joe. Again he get's the short end of the stick, but Charlotte is going to suffer too. Right now I really doubt I'll finish her costume before Halloween, so I'm already thinking about plan B. Right now it looks like she'll end up with The Little Red Riding Hood costume, even though Midge is wearing her tights.
When I was pulling out all the costumes, I made such a mess. I do have a system for organizing my stuff, but sometimes it's a bit... convoluted. I had to pull out and search through more than a half dozen bags to get all of the clothes, shoes, and accessories that I needed for dressing those seven dolls, leaving my room a total disaster zone. So I spent a good chunk of today cleaning up that mess, and the other messes that I've let linger for far too long. My room, while still nowhere near clean, feels a lot cleaner. The bookcase is still a mess though, maybe I'll tackle that tomorrow. 

I even did some sewing today (but nothing with Charlotte's Halloween costume). The other day when I was putting away some of Charlotte's clothes I noticed that there was some loose stitches on her underwear. Since I made that pair a while ago I decided instead of fixing them I'd actually just remake them. I was satisfied with that pair when I made them, but I've improved since then. I used the pattern I drafted for the bodysuit to make them, just adapted the bit. I was so confident in this pattern I cut out two pairs at the same time. Which turned out to be a big mistake, which always seems to be the case when I do stuff like that. The first pair ended up being too big for Charlotte. I guess I stretched the leg holes out when I sewed them? It was also really big in the back. They were so big they almost ended up fitting Joe! I ended up giving them to my Speed Racer Ken. I even took a picture of him wearing them:
They're not finished in that picture, but I did finish them today. He really didn't need them, but he's now wearing a pair of white bikini briefs under his clothes. Finishing those left me with the pair I already cut out. I did try again to make a pair for Charlotte, changing a few things with this one to get them to fit better, and they actually do. I'm not in love with these either, but the fit her better. I didn't finish them, but I will. I'm not sure if she'll end up with them. I'm thinking that I'll take what I learned from today and adapt the pattern some more.
I'm not really sure, I didn't think I'd have to do so much thinking about making underwear

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