Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Hello Dear Readers,

Been a while since you heard from me, right? I know I said I was going to come back last Monday, but I ended up holding off for a couple more days. But since today's Halloween it's time to break my self imposed silence and share with you all the doll's Halloween costumes. Hopefully this will be the push that gets me back into blogging regularly. So without further explanation here they are:

Please ignore the dust at their feet. I should have dusted but I didn't even notice how bad it was until I was editing the picture. I'm not even going to humor the idea of retaking the picture because I had a hard enough forcing myself to take it in the first place.
It should be pretty obvious, but I'm really just phoning it in this Halloween. Well, not just Halloween, at this point life in general. Lately I've been feeling really run down and have the hardest time find any motivation, for anything. I just don't want to do anything at all. Most days lately I've spent just counting down the clock until bedtime doing the bare minimum of what needs to get done. It's hard for me to explain, but lately I've been feeling sad. It's not like a boo-hoo kind of sadness, a good cry won't solve this problem, but it's like a clinging sadness that won't leave me alone. I mean I do have moments of other emotions, but they quickly fade and the sadness returns. Like usual I'm not sure what prompted this emotional change, but I can name several factors which I know played a part. Hopefully it'll go away soon, but since it's been here for about a week now, I'm thinking it might be sticking around for a little bit longer.
And the dolls have been (and continued to be so) extremely affected by my depression. As you can see from above I did change several people's clothes, but by heart wasn't in it. Poor Artemis (far left), didn't even get a costume. All she got was a sheet with a quick ghost vampire face drawn on. But she got more than some other dolls, several of them were just pulled off the shelf for the picture since I couldn't be bothered changing their clothes. I never got around to finishing Pierre's clothes. And I doubt I ever will, I've already taken his costume off him and put it into the unfinished project box, where it will probably live for a long, long time. Vanessa is wearing a flapper inspired Fashion Fever outfit that I just added the boa to (and kept off the weird leg warmers originally part of the outfit). I wanted to add a headband, but couldn't muster the enthusiasm for the project. Ashley got a old costume of Charlotte's (based off an outfit of Lady Gaga's). I think that one of the first posts on this blog was sharing this outfit, it's that old. Next to Ashley we have Joe, wearing something new. I made it much earlier in the year as a practice for using that gold lame. He's Rocky from Rocky Horror. In the center we have Charlotte who's a ballerina. She's actually just wearing the bodysuit and the first underskirt from her actual costume that never actually ended up happening. She's been wearing that for a week or so now, I couldn't be bothered to change her into the little red riding hood costume, or even give her shoes for this one. You know I'm feeling blue when Charlotte is being ignored. To her right we have a vintage Midge in a Mattel made cat costume (Ashley wore this last year). Next to her is Mary Clair in a harem outfit (she wore this last year), next to her is my Re-rooted Midge in the little Dutch girl outfit (again, she wore that last year), and then we have Modern Circle in her sexy witch costume (again worn last year). Kelly and Tommy are in the front, she's Minnie Mouse (Madame Alexander McDonald's toy dress and Mattel made hat) and he is a cowboy (just like last year, wearing Mattel made clothing). I wasn't planing it, but everyone on the left are wearing clothing that this is the first year they've been used, everyone on the right is wearing something I used last year. Good think I had some costumes from last year to fall back on, if I didn't have anything I wouldn't have done anything. It was hard enough getting these done as is. In fact, I'm so over Halloween at this point, it's not even noon yet and I'm already starting to redress them back into their regular clothes.
*Sigh*, I just want to feel normal again.

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