Monday, October 8, 2012

The Spoils from "The Swell Doll Shop!" Part One

Ugh you guys, I've spent my entire day working on my friend's wedding present. I really need to keep making progress on it since the actual wedding is on this Saturday, and I don't have the entire week to finish it since I have a great deal of traveling to get there, but it's so terrible. I really want it to be perfect for them, so I keep scrutinizing every flaw that seems magnified to me. And to add insult to injury, I'm working with that glitter tulle again so I'm covered with glitter. I even noticed I was covered with it when I was at the doll meeting too. Hate that stuff, but I do like the sparkle it adds, just not to me!
But I can't share too much more with you (I may have already said too much), so I'll be zipping my lips about that little project. Although I will share with you the end product, but only after the people I'm making for have it in hand. Until then it's very hush hush.
Instead you all get to see what I bought from my last visit to the Swell Doll Shop! It's been a real test of my will having these dolls around. Even with my rapidly approaching wedding deadline, all I want to do is play with my new toys. I did spend a couple hours yesterday playing with them, but I want to keep playing! But I had to put them away and focus on the task on hand. But now that it's dark, (and I can't sew dark fabrics at night since the lights in my room are so poor) I get to talk about them, and play with them in doing so! (All under the guise of detailing them on the blog.)
I'll start off with the bad news... I bought a lemon. I have a bad tendency to not look as closely as I should at my purchases and have been greeted with a couple nasty surprises after I bought them. I really need to inspect these dolls in better before I buy them, not after. (Let this be the last time I have to learn this lesson). For the most part I can live with the issues I find, except for this first doll. Had I known her issues before hand I know I would have put her back.
She's a Malibu P.J. doll, as I've mentioned before I've been trying to collect all of the Malibu dolls. So far I have Barbie, Ken, Skipper, Stacey, and Francie. I'm still missing P.J. (and Christie), so when I found P.J. for five dollars I decided to get her. I did check her body over and it looked good, and she was made in Japan which is the one qualifier for joining the collection (although I'm learning that just because they're from Japan doesn't mean they have decent quality control). While I checked her body I made a grave mistake. I didn't check her face for the green spots the Malibu dolls get. I mean, I didn't see any when I glanced at her, but wouldn't you know it, she has them... under her hair. They're mostly hidden by her bangs, but I'm not happy about them. I'm willing to deal with a lot of issues, but not those green spots, especially on a doll that I only sort of want to complete the set. So I've decided I'm just going to resell her and try to get my money back. I didn't spend too much for her, so I'm not out too much money. And even if she doesn't sell I can always use her body, that's in decent shape.


Anyway, the next doll had her own issue that I didn't discover until again I was home with her. But unlike P.J. I'm willing to overlook it and keep her. She has a really big tear along the top of her foot. It's so big and deep that you can see her leg mechanics if you shift her. I am a little worried about it getting worse. For all you vintage collectors/restorers does anyone know of a glue that I can use to seal up the tear? I'm sure there's no ideal fix, but I'd like something that could help keep it from getting bigger. If anyone knows something please share it with me in the comment!
This tear in the top of her foot practically guarantees that she'll end up wearing socks, which there probably was a great chance of that happening anyway, since she's a Skipper doll! And I'm not sure if you noticed it, but my love for knee socks does apply to Skipper as much as it does to Barbie (and some Kens)! She's my first Bend Leg Skipper. Up to this point I've only had straight legs, or twist and turns. She's the in-between doll that can bend her legs, but not twist at the waist. She's in pretty decent shape, her legs bend and hold position, and other than her foot issues she doesn't have any marks. That white paint you see on her hip came off with some washing. Her face has some paling, and as you can see she's had a haircut. I do plan on giving her a re-root... in time. I don't have any hair that I want to use for her, and I don't have the funds to buy any at this time (or the actual time to do one). I ended up packing her up (as well as two other dolls due for a re-root) and putting them away. There's no need leaving them on the sewing cabinet when I have no intention to even think about dressing them until after their hair has been fixed. But she's still cute though.

Stay tuned for part two! (Although it might be a while, since it took me forever to get this one posted.)

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