Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Spoils from "The Swell Doll Shop!" Part Two

All right, it's time for our second post of what I bought at the Swell Doll Shop. (I think there will be about six posts altogether... maybe seven.)
Now that I've whetted your appetite with that first post it would be neglectful to leave you waiting so long for part two. This one is a bit different because, it's going to be showing you the male dolls I bought there! My first time getting guys there, last time I only bought female dolls. But this time I found a couple male dolls that I just had to have for a variety of reasons.

Up first is a number one Ken doll. This was a doll that was in one of the tubs of stuff that was kicking around the store. Bradley had bought several collections and he hadn't gotten around to sorting everything yet, but I was told to look through anything I wanted. This Ken was in one of these tubs, and I believe Ken was actually the first thing I selected to buy. (It was all such a blur I can't really remember). He's actually not the first number one Ken doll in the collection, he's not even the first Brunette. You know why I bought him? Because he looked in good shape, and he came with shoes. (Brown Mattel shoes with the painted white uppers). I know flawless logic. He also came with pants, but the front part is broken, and I doubt I can fix it. But that's a minor concern to me. He is actually in good shape. He does have the balding issue to his flocking like most number one Ken's have. But other than that he's very nice. He was dirty when I got him, but he cleaned up nicely. I think I might need to give him another cleaning though.
Also, he does have an unusual "trick", his right leg has a nasty habit of popping off when you move it. I examined the leg and it looks like it's a mold flaw. The post on the leg doesn't have enough of a lip for the body to hold onto, so when you move his leg it pops out. It's not a huge issue since once he's dressed he won't get much actual moving around, and when it does come out you just pop it back in again. I think he's cute, so I'm glad I got him. Hopefully he'll be dressed sooner than later. Since there's less Ken dolls than Barbie in the collection I'm hoping I haven't run out of ideas for him like I have for her.   

Up next we have someone completely different than anyone in the collection. While it's true that he has some similarities to a couple of other dolls, he's the first of his kind. It's a Takara male doll. I originally thought that he was Jeff, but now that I'm looking at him closer I'm wondering if he's Pierre (Licca's father). I've tried doing my own research into identifying him, but I'm not finding any info either way. If anyone out there has any information I'd much appreciate you sharing it with me.
Either way he's a Takara male doll. I've been wanting one for a little bit now, but have been holding off because whenever I found him he was expensive and I didn't want one that badly. I wasn't sure if I really wanted one, or just wanted the idea of one. When I found him at the store I decided that he would be perfect for the collection. He came to me wearing a very unusual mix of clothing. It was a pair of over sized turquoise shorts, and an undersized brown shirt... thing. He was unpriced and Bradley sold me him for five dollars. A pretty good price, right? When I brought him home I took off his clothes and found out he was priced, under his shirt, at three dollars. I overpaid by two whole dollars! I guess someone stuck the clothes on him after he was priced or something and he ended up in the bins. I'm not actually upset over this price difference, it was only two dollars. Also while the brown shirt doesn't fit anyone (and looks terrible to boot), the shorts? They fit Joe, pretty well too. The stitching around waist is pretty wonky, but he looks pretty good in them. I'll have to check but this might be Joe's first piece of commercially made clothing, the majority of his wardrobe I've made.
Anyway, Jeff/Pierre is in okay shape. I think he's an older doll. He definitely feels like he's been played with a lot. He also needs another bath. Now I have a question for people who have Takara male dolls. Do their arms bend? I know the female dolls have hollow arms with wires in them so they can bend, but he doesn't.  He has the hollow arms, but no wires or anything in them. He does rattle when you shake him, so maybe they broke off and are inside him? Again, I'd love for any more information if someone know anything. Body wise that's his only issue. He's a little more worn on the head. He does have a scratch to one of his eyes, and one eyebrow is really light (still there though). From what I've seen of Pierre dolls I know they usually wear glasses, and that would explain why his eyebrows are more worn than the rest of his face paint. So this makes me think he might be Pierre. His hair is also a bit of a mess. It looks okay from the front, but from behind it looks like it's been cut short. You can see all his scalp. Right now the plan is to ignore it and leave him as is, but I might end up re-rooting him eventually. He might end up with a short(ish) ponytail like how I wear my hair, but that will have to wait. Even when I finally force myself to do re-roots he'll be pretty low on the list, there's several dolls who need one more than he does.

Stay Tuned for Part Three (But that might be a while...)

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