Thursday, November 15, 2012

1.20 in the RED

So this morning I posted those four things over to Etsy. Since I had all the work done I was able to get them listed super quick. And with that done, I started working on the next batch. I took the photos in the morning, edited them in the early afternoon, and got the ads written in the evening. I even went ahead and posted two of those things on the site. I still have two more ads written to post from this batch, but that can wait until tomorrow.

I also got one thing listed over on the Dollpage. It was only a two dollar item, but I'd rather have the money than the item.

Here's hoping something sells. I haven't even had a nibble, and I really need that positive reinforcement!

In other news my Brother's Christmas present arrived in the mail today... and I broke my Christmas rule. I was trying to be good and avoid getting into the Christmas mood too early, even though I had a secret thrill every time I saw Christmas stuff in stores. Obviously Christmas shopping wasn't part of this ban, but I was avoiding decorating, listening to Christmas music, or wrapping presents until after Thanksgiving. But today I had a setback. I ended up wrapping a couple presents, while listening to Christmas music. But the music was only when I was wrapping presents, when I was done I turned it off. I figured that since I was in the mood to wrap presents I might as well go with it. The closer we get to Christmas the more stuff I'll have to do. This way, there's seven less things I have to do later on.

And there will be plenty of things to do when the date gets closer. The house it a total disaster. And since (I assume) my sister will be staying for a couple days, I'm going to have to make sure the upstairs and the downstairs are presentable. I have already done some work on it though. The past three days I've spend a little bit more than a half an hour each day cleaning and organizing stuff in there. Still nowhere near done, but things are looking more presentable. I'm hoping to have it cleaner for Thanksgiving since there's no way the Dining room will be clean, especially since I have no plans to clean it.
.001 percent of the stuff in the living room is my stuff, but 0.00 percent of the dining room is my stuff, so I'll be darned sure if I clean that up.  

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