Wednesday, November 21, 2012


So today was better than today, save for one thing. Although, I will say honestly it would have been harder for today to have been worse than yesterday because yesterday was terrible, just terrible.

I went out again this morning. It wasn't Christmas related this time. Instead I was just going to the post office to mail two things. I had a pattern sell late last night and I wanted to get it into the mail as soon as I could since I don't know the next time I'll be able to get to the post office. I also had a present to mail out for a Flickr friend. That one I wasn't planning on mailing so soon, but since I was already heading to the post office I figured why not. They're both on their way to their new owners as we speak, so I won't have either of them hanging over my head this Holiday week.
That was all I did when out so I was back home relatively quickly. But I really didn't know what to do with myself. I don't have any projects slated, and I'm still avoiding Skipper's dress. So I decided to work on Charlotte's Christmas outfit. Even though I'm keeping myself from going fully into the Christmas mindset, I can at least start working on that project, since it always takes me far longer than I expected. So today I started looking up Holiday dresses trying to find something that called to me, the problem was, nothing did. To be perfectly honest, I really shouldn't have bothered looking up Holiday Dresses, for the past two years Charlotte's Christmas dresses have had really nothing to do with Christmas. Typically they're only Christmas dresses because I call them that. I mean last year's Nutcracker dress was as far from typical Christmas as you can get. It was pink! And while I did like that costume (still do in fact), I want to do something new this year... but similar. But the problem is I can't really think of it. There's not that many Christmas stories (that I can think of) with female characters that wear interesting clothes. Dear Readers, can you think of a story I'm missing? You all know Charlotte's style pretty well, can you think of a Holiday outfit for her? I make no promise I'll ever follow through on your suggestions since history shows I'm a jerk like that, but I do like hearing from you. 
But I actually did some sewing today, just not for Charlotte. The other day I found a vintage outfit I sort of liked. It was a kind of like where I saved the picture, but didn't actually plan on making it for anyone who was needing clothes. I liked the idea of it, but not the application. It was a sleeveless collared shirt with an attached full skirt. The picture I found they were both the same plain pink colored fabric. It was kind of boring. But today I found an interesting outfit that was similar, but different. It too had the collared shirt, but instead of a skirt, it had pants. And instead of being made of the same color, the pants were a solid color, but the shirt had a pattern that matched the pants color. Which I thought looked really cool, and since there's very few people in the collection wearing pants, it would be an interesting addition. I decided to use red for the pants, but when I was looking through my collection of prints that used red, found them all... not what I wanted. I decided to hold off on making the shirt until after my next Hobby Lobby trip. But that didn't stop me from making the pants today.
I pulled out the vintage Barbie pattern and got to work. There's only one other pair of pants on a vintage doll in the collection, but I still wanted these different. There's not much you can do to jazz pants up, except these have a rolled cuff and the other pair does not. I got all the machine sewing done for this pair today. I didn't finish them because I decided to colorfast them instead. They've been soaking for several hours now, and I've already changed the water once. There's a lot of dye leeching out of the fabric. I'm thinking that even with all this soaking I'm going to have to wrap the dolls legs in plastic to avoid staining. I don't want her to get damaged from the pants. I like this outfit a lot, just not enough to damage a doll with it.
Once that was done, I was back to not knowing what to do with myself. I did more clothing research, but didn't find anything I liked. I'm trying to not beat myself up over that though. I made some progress on dressing a doll today, and that's huge. I haven't sewn in a while and it felt good getting back into the swing of things. And right now I've made a step towards getting a doll dressed, which hasn't happened in a while. I'd love to get at least one doll dressed this month, but sometimes a lull like this happens. Just remind me of that tomorrow when I'm back to my usual freaking out over not making progress on the undressed dolls.
Speaking of tomorrow, Happy Early Thanksgiving everyone! Don't feel obligated to wish me it back, I'm actually not having Thanksgiving tomorrow. Due to my Dad's work schedule he's working tonight and tomorrow night, so we're postponing it until Saturday when he's off. So tomorrow will be a normal day around here. Saturday however it will be super busy with all the cooking and stuff! And then on Sunday... it'll time for CHRISTMAS STUFF! And just a heads up, Christmas will be delayed this year too. Since we get my sister this year, that means we have to work around her schedule. And she actually has to work on Christmas (which sucks). Christmas is on a Tuesday, and I think we're planning on having it on the following Saturday the....29th? That date isn't set in stone, but around then. Either way, Christmas is going to happen after the fact. Which is actually better since that means we can hit up the half off sales and spend less money on Candy and Ornaments (which is what my sister asked for).
I can't think of the last time we actually celebrated a holiday on it's correct date. Which is weird, right?

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