Monday, November 26, 2012


It was a pretty quiet day around here today. Ken's clothes were finally dry this morning so I was able to dress him and move him into the collection. He's my first dressed doll since September. I was beginning to think that the dolls that plague the sewing cabinet were going to be there forever. At least with someone joining the collection it gives me hope that more of them will eventually get dressed. I didn't take pictures of him since you're already seen the outfit for the most part the other day and I was feeling lazy and didn't want to drag out the camera.
I also did some more Christmas decorating. I went into the closet and pulled out most of the Christmas decorations. I took out the foil tree that gets placed on the Japanese doll shelf, and I also took out the nutcrackers I bought last year. I even went and changed Charlotte's chair. It's now the white rocking chair instead of that Pretty Polly chair I bought during the summer. I liked that chair so much I left it out for months when I really should have changed it. Anyway, I also finished redressing the dolls on Charlotte's shelf. I had dressed most of them on Saturday, but not everyone. Today I dressed Artemis, Vannessa, and Kelly. Tommy is still undressed because I noticed his clothes were looking a little dingy so I washed them and they're still drying. Once they're dry and on him, I will have officially dressed all of the dolls that have Christmas outfits on that shelf.
But there are still several dolls that need some Christmas outfits. We had two new additions to the shelf over the year, so they clearly don't have anything yet. Also Joe never got anything last year because by that time his body was broken and I was already planning on getting him the replacement so I decided to not make him anything when I knew it wasn't going to fit the next year. And finally Charlotte needs something new, because well, she always needs something new.
Meaning I have four planned outfits to make in December, which is quite a daunting task, but I am hopeful. Last year around Christmas time I made five outfits. It's true. I made Mary Clair's, Midge's, Vanessa's, Ashley's, and Charlotte's. In fact I'm planning on trying to make five again this year, picking someone on a different shelf to make that final outfit for. I was thinking that Cindy Sad Eyes might be the extra doll, it's been a while since she's gotten any new clothes. I actually even have an idea for her. I did some work on it since I have to draft the pattern myself, but it did not go well. It certainly needs more work.
I actually have ideas for 3/5 of the dolls I'm planning on sewing for. Right now Midge, Joe, and Cindy Sad Eyes all have preliminary ideas of what I want to make for them, but right now Midge is the only one that I could make the entire outfit for. Joe I still need the fabrics for, and with Cindy I need to work on that pattern. The only two that I have no idea what to make is for Charlotte and my Number 4 Barbie. I pulled out my limited Christmas fabric assortment and played around with each of them on her (the Barbie, not Charlotte), but didn't care for any of them on her. I'm planning on going to Hobby Lobby eventually and seeing what they have for Christmas fabrics. Maybe I'll get inspired by something I see there.
But I certainly have enough to keep my busy until then (The next time I'm able to go out isn't until Thursday.). Time is ticking, even though I have three more days than most people!

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