Thursday, November 1, 2012

Guide Me!

Hello Again Dear Readers,

I'm in a bit of a conundrum and I need your help.

I noticed that right now I have several projects just laying about my room in various stages of completeness, and I want to make decent progress on at least one of them this month, but I can't decide which to to give my attention to. And so I'm turning to you all to decide for me. I'm asking for your vote. Your choices are as follows:

1. Rocking Chair Rehabilitation!

2. Charlotte's Rococo Dress!

3. Finish Charlotte's Halloween Costume!

4. Clear off your dresser! (Post stuff for sale)

5. Work on your blog, silly!

You have from now until Sunday at 8 PM (Eastern time) to leave your comment on this post with your vote. In the event of a tie I'll pick the winning option at random. Then whichever wins, starting Monday I'll focus on that project until I finish it, or take it as far as I can. I would like to say I'd finish whichever option you all selected, but at least two of those choices involve collaborations from someone else that I simply cannot do. But I will get them to the point where I can hand them off to that person and my part will be finished, so don't let that color your voting!
And not to twist your arm (I'm not playing favorites), but if you do pick Charlotte's Halloween costume, I'll stop being coy about what it is supposed to be, and just share it with you. I don't know which would be more annoying, an entire week where I talked out "the dress" or having to write an entire week while being that secretive.

Make your voice count!