Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving... to everyone else!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving (for those celebrating it). Like I said in yesterday's post, we're holding off ours until Saturday. Although I am starting some cooking tomorrow, but just the desserts. I'm going to make those tomorrow so there's three less things to worry about on Saturday.

So today was business as normal... kind of. Remember how I said I was avoiding Skipper's dress and sort of implied that's all I had to work on? Well that was misleading. I actually had another outfit that was 85 percent done, but I was just stalling on finishing it. It was something for that Final Live Action Ken that I bought a couple of months ago. The other two Ken dolls that came with him both quickly joined the collection, and they were waiting for him to join them. I actually had an idea for Ken quite a while ago, but never found the right fabrics for it, so I ended up giving up on it and trying other ideas in order to get him dressed. But apparently he was meant to wear that outfit, because the other month when at the Swell Doll Shop one of the first things I found was a clone 60's Ken shirt that was perfect for the outfit. So I wasn't finding the perfect fabric, I was finding the perfect already made shirt. Could not get any better than that. All I had to do was sew the rest of the outfit.
Since this Ken has that weird chalky issue with his torso, I wanted to cover up as much of that as I could. So Ken was getting a turtlenecked shirt under his other shirt. The shirt I bought at the Swell Doll Shop was red with navy designs. I looked through my entire jersey knit stash before I decided the best color I liked with it was red. So I made him a red sleeveless turtleneck shirt to go under the other one. For the pants I decided to go with navy, I'm really going "far out" with this one, aren't I? I was actually out of navy calico, but I had bought some for a different project shortly before I started this one, so I had some on hand. I have yet to start that other project. Anyway, the pants are a kind of new.You should know by now my love for the pants with the fake pockets. Turns out, I have yet to make them for Mod dolls. So far only vintage Kens or Joe have gotten a pair like that. So I needed to adapt a pattern. Luckily I made those Ken shorts for Busy Hand Ken, so I was able to just lengthen them to make the pants. I'm not totally sold on them as it, I'm kind of thinking they're too wide in the legs. Will you give me some feedback on that?
Anyway, I made this in October, and managed to get most of the shirt totally finished before I stopped. I did like it, but I just didn't want to work on it for some reason. But today I picked it back up again and worked on it. I finished the shirt and the pants! But it's not totally finished yet. The shirt I bought at the Swell Doll Shop required a belt. It only has a top snap, and there's a thread belt loop in the back. There's a couple of ways to use a belt, and I'm conflicted which to use. I took a picture of the two styles I'm stuck between. Which do you like better, the regular belt or the side tie belt?
P.S. I'm just using a bit of ribbon to play around with it. I plan on making the actual one out of red calico.

But wait, that's not all that happened today. I also used up my final Christmas budget!... as well as all of my saved money... and some borrowed money. Let's just say a lot of things came together for me to get this final item. I was over on Ebay this morning looking to see what was listed. I really shouldn't have been, but there I was. And wouldn't you know I found something I really liked. It was a vintage Barbie lot. It consisted of a Vintage doll, a couple beat up hangers, two pieces of vintage clothing, and an icky mildew ridden case. It was listed with a starting bid of sixty five dollars with seven shipping, or a it now price of 85 dollars. It was closing in 18 hours, and still didn't have any bids. I really liked the doll, but did not want the clothing or the case. So taking a chance I emailed the seller if they would be willing to split up the lot. They emailed me back saying they'd be willing to just sell me the doll for 60 plus shipping. I then asked them if they'd be willing to let me pay it in layaway, half up front, and then the rest in a couple weeks. They seemed okay with the idea, but wanted more information before they agreed to it. But I didn't need to actually work out a layaway plan. I was telling my mother about this deal and she offered to loan me the money from her Paypal account for it so I could buy it outright! Which I did. That means I've spent all my Christmas money, and now owe her 16 dollars, but it was totally worth it.
I'm 90 percent sure she's one type of doll, but if she ends up being another one I'll be disappointed, but not crushed. She's far from perfect, but I just love her. Poor girl had some bad green ear, her hair was a mess, she was filthy, and there's some missing paint to her lips. The seller said they would ship her out on Monday. They're in Virginia, so I'd think it would get here relatively quick. This one is going to have the same deal as the last one. Once she arrives I get her for 24 hours so I can give her a bath, fix her hair, and clean out her green ears (and remove her remaining earring that caused some of it). I'm also going to dress her since she'll be arriving nude. After that she gets turned over to my parents until Christmas.
It's going to be a very Barbie Christmas around here!
I won't lie, I keep looking at the pictures from her auction that I saved.
I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it, she's just so pretty!


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  2. Hello from Spain: Happy Thanksgiving Day. I prefer the regular belt. Keep in touch