Thursday, November 1, 2012

Have you met my new roommate?

I bet you haven't. I'll spoil the surprise and just show you her before I blather on explaining why this new addition.

That's Sunshine, my new roommate. She's sort of my family's new cat. I say sort of because we've known her for a while now, it's only recently that she's become ours. She was originally my aunt's cat. You may remember when I went up to Connecticut earlier in the month. Well during that time my Mom wanted to talk to my Grandmother about taking her cat down to North Carolina while she was in Florida for the summer. She does have someone staying in her house when she's away, but they always ignore the cat and my Grandmother comes back to an animal that's covered in matted fur, is attention starved, and has managed to destroy something in the house due to sheer boredom. Also she has a cut on her forehead that has been there for years. My Grandmother takes care of it like it should, but it never has enough time to heal before she goes away and the person who's supposed to watch the cat just leaves it to get worse. So we volunteered (again) to take the cat with us. My grandmother doesn't want us to take her, even though we tried to make it as little work for her as possible. But when my mother made the offer when in front of my Aunt, ans she took us up on the offer, even though we were not expecting to get her cat. But I guess she was tired of owning a cat, and by giving her to us it was an easy out.
So last weekend my family was up in Connecticut for our fake Christmas. I was originally planned to go, but had to stay home at the last minute when the vet surprised us with an extra hundred dollar fee in order to let Pach stay with them which we couldn't afford. So I ended up staying home to take care of all of the animals. I was sad to miss out seeing some of my family, but it meant I was able to skip the 14+ hour car ride each way. And on that last trip they were bringing down the cat with us.
She was supposed to be living in the bathroom while she got adjusted, but that first night she kept me up half the night crying, only stopping when I let her into my room. And she's been in here ever since. I even moved her litter box, food, and water into here. She really isn't that much of an inconvenience, she spends most of her time on my bed sleeping, and generally keeps to herself, unless she wants to be petted. Poor gal didn't get much love at my Aunt's house so she's a bit attention starved. And I don't mind giving her some TLC, but my arm gets tired! 
So far she hasn't had much interest in leaving my room. She's met the other cats, and is not a fan. She hisses and growls at them. So far Milky is the one that behaves around her the best, he just sits from a distance and watches her, Waffles hisses and growls back, and Mato is terrible. He gets into her face and won't leave her alone. I know he doesn't mean any harm, but he's not helping her get adjusted. The few times I've picked her up (she HATES being picked up) and brought her downstairs, she gets all shaky and runs back to my room the moment I let her go. I'm hoping that soon she'll get over that fear, but with cats it can take a while. It's just there's other people in the house who would love to dote on her, and she's seriously burning me out!     

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