Sunday, November 11, 2012

How many days until Christmas?

Hopefully this will be a quick post since I didn't do a whole lot today and I still need to share with you all what I bought yesterday. That will be a separate post from this one.
In the morning I did get some stuff done. I worked a little bit on the "Rocking Chair Rehabilitation" project, which is due for an actual blog post any day now. I also took a bunch of pictures for the blog for some older posts, so I should be able to get those written and posted soon...ish. I even managed to edit them!
But the afternoon is where it got really exciting, you see I went out shopping... again! But this time was different, I was buying a Christmas present... for myself! (Because clearly I do not get enough things regularly.)
You may remember my going to the Antique stores and mentioning there was some new dolls at the Antique Mall. I didn't mention them in detail because I really didn't look at them that closely. I saw that there were new dolls in the case when I first came into the store, but by the time I came back the second time I only had eyes for that bag of accessories that I desperately wanted. One doll in the case did catch my eye however, but at the time I just filed away the information and forgot about her, until in the evening. I was back at home playing with my new things when I had an epiphany. Why not have my parents buy her for me for Christmas? I was planning on taking a trip to the Swell Doll Shop for my Christmas presents, but this new doll would be perfect for the collection. And it's not like I really needed to go back to the Swell Doll Shop, I haven't done anything with the dolls I bought the last time, and I'm sure the Barbie Club will have their meeting there sometime next year, and that would give me plenty of time to save up more money.
So I decided to really think about getting this new doll. She was expensive and would use up most of my Christmas budget, but from what I remembered she was in really nice shape (except for one major flaw), and like I said she would be perfect for the collection.
So I made plans to go out today when the store opened to check her out with the possibility to buy her. When I saw her yesterday I really didn't look at her in greater detail since I wasn't planning on buying her, so she might have other issues I didn't realize at first. While I was there again I brought a notebook and wrote down the prices of some of the other dolls that looked like they were new. They are as follows:
Dressed Living Skipper for 50,
Dressed Living Barbie for 50,
Dressed Live Action Ken for 15.50,
Dressed Julia for 80,
Dressed Julia for 80,
Dressed Buffy Doll for 50,
and a Brunette Midge wearing a Barbie Zebra Swimsuit for 45.
I might have already shared some of these dolls and their prices before, I kind of think the Julia dolls were there before. Also that Midge doll's price was hard to find. She was priced, but her tag was behind her and directly blocked by her stand. When I opened the case to check out the doll I wanted I also checked out her price since I would like a Brunette Midge, but not at 45 dollars. That's too rich for my blood!
Well not always, the doll I bought today was actually 45 dollars. I guess I'm not willing to spend that much money for a Midge doll, brunette or not. But she was actually cheaper than that since the dolls and stuff in the case are twenty percent off. I was actually a little worried that she wouldn't fall under the twenty percent off since the sign on the case (stating ALL dolls in the case were on sale) was for dealer 522, but she was being sold by dealer 123, who I'm 99 percent sure is the same person. Either way the person who rang her up added the discount. I would have made a small stink had she not be discounted, but I still would have bought her. With taxes she ended up being 38.52, meaning I still have about 12 dollars to spend for Christmas. I know I'm a major cheapskate, but do you think I can find another doll at such a low budget?
Anyway I bought her and she was mine, or at least she would be come December 25th. I actually have her for the next 12 hours. She was in dire need of a cleaning and a hair reset, so I decided to hold onto her for 24 hours then surrender her to my parents to keep until Christmas. It's a bit nontraditional, but with her main problem, had I not intervened it could have gotten worse, and I certainly do not want that.
So she's had a bath, a scrub, and her hair brushed. Her hair was the worst. It was the most tangled mess that I've ever dealt with on a vintage doll. I think she has about half the hair she started with, but at least it's manageable and not one clumped mess. I still have a couple more things to do to her before I give her back to my parents.
It's so conflicting, I want to have her on Christmas morning, but I want her now!
I must keep chanting, "Be strong. Christmas will be here before you know it."

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