Friday, November 16, 2012

I have sold something!

Yes, it's true, something sold today! It was one of the items I posted over to Etsy yesterday. While I do hate paying them their 20 cent listing fee and a percentage of my item fee, they do have decent traffic and the more people who see my item, the more likely it will sell. Due to the timing I won't be able to get it into the mail until Tuesday. I've already emailed them to let them know about that.
And with this new purchase it means I'm closer to my goal! I'm actually not closer to the doll part, this money will eventually be spent on my sister for her Christmas present. I already have a general idea of what I'm going to get her and from where. I just actually need to decide exactly what to get for her. I have time to decide that since I'm not going to even touch that money until the buyer has what they paid for.

Speaking of my sister, my mother got her and her husband's Christmas list yesterday. I actually gave everyone a November 15th deadline to send their lists since usually they don't send it until the last minute meaning it's a scramble getting them their gifts in time. Not this year. I gave everyone a November 15th deadline, with a 5 percent penalty if they were late. (That was a joke, I never actually planned on taking anything away even if they were late.) My brother opted out of the entire thing and just asked for money. I did warn him he was getting a tangible item from me since by the time he said that I had already ordered it. Anyway, my sister is asking for the following items: Socks, Christmas Ornaments, Cat Toys, and Rice Crispy Treats. Her husband wants: Skittles, Superhero Shirts, Sherlock Holmes Movies, and a Pocket Knife. They're so weird, but at least they're easy to shop for. I've already been doing some price checking for some of the items they want. Like usual I'm trying to get the most for the money. I'm just not sure the best places to be looking for some of these items. Where do people shop for unusual socks? Or does anyone know a good place to shop for any of these things?

Other than that, my day was pretty dull. I ended up taking today off and just relaxing. My family does that Blockbuster in the mail thing and a video game I put on our list arrived yesterday, so I spent today playing with with my Brother. It's "Sonic and Mario at the Winter Olympics". It's... okay, kind of monotonous, so I'm glad I didn't actually buy it, but I do plan on holding onto it until Monday. I also did some online searches for vintage fashions hoping to find something that I wanted to recreate for the dolls, but no luck.

*Oh well*
At least I tried.

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