Saturday, November 17, 2012

It just keeps getting worse...

So, today sucked. Let me explain.

It started early, and didn't let up. I woke up to finding out that doll I was hoping to save up for had sold. I don't know what it is about me but it seems something can sit on a certain site for months, but the moment I become interested in it, it sells. I really hate it. So that little bit of bad news really put a damper on my entire day.
I did start to feel better as the day wore on and I got over the disappointment, but today was the crappy gift that kept on giving. So... my Grandparents are going down to Florida. They usually stop in and visit when they come back from Florida, but not this time. They're planning an East Coast Grandchild visit, including a stopover at our house, most likely this Thursday. Meaning, I now have less than a week to get this entire house in order for them. Which is bloody wonderful since it's a total mess. AND I JUST KNOW I'M GOING TO BE THE ONLY ONE CLEANING.

The whole reason I started cleaning in the living room recently was so I could take my time with it so I didn't have to do this massive cleaning frenzy close to Christmas. But nope, Universe can't have me being practical like that and has to throw a monkey wrench into the works like that. I'm just so livid about this. Of course nobody else seems to really give a crap since it's not like they'll actually feel compelled to do anything.

This blows... it just blows. I'm trying really hard to not swear in this post, but it's really hard. I just want to unleash a torrent of curse words.

But Cinderella wouldn't talk like that, and that's what I am, frickin' Cinderella.

I am so not pleased. So stay tuned for tomorrow when I get to spend all day finishing the living room, then I get to start another room, probably the kitchen.

I'm still not cleaning the stupid Dining room.

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  1. You do what you can. It doesn't have to be perfect since you are one person. Hopefully you can make your own miracle and you do get to see your grandparents :O)