Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just under the deadline

Before I start talking about my day, I believe I owe you all a picture of Midge in the dress I made yesterday. Like usual you're not the first to see it. Since I already took the picture I uploaded it to Flickr and shared it on "In the Pink", so like usual you're the last to know. But you guys get to hear about the actual creation of the outfit, so it's kind of a coin toss as to which is better. But I've prattled on long enough, here's the picture:
It's a little washed out since I had to brighten it since it came out really dark. Not sure why that happened since I took the picture in the middle of the day. But there's her dress cataloged for all posterity.
Anyway, onto what I did for the day. You'd think that after my long day yesterday I'd end up taking it easy today, and I sort of did, but sort of didn't. Today I ended up finishing up that Barbie outfit I started last week, the one with the pants. I had done all the main sewing already, so I just needed to finish it up. The pants went together pretty quickly. I was able to get those finished this morning. The shirt took longer since I had a ton to do by hand just like the shirt Midge is wearing above. I also ended up tearing out both of the front darts (Midge's top doesn't have front darts) and redoing them. But just like with Midge's shirt yesterday I added buttons (using up the last of my red buttons), and added a ribbon belt. And just like Midge's you're going to have to wait until tomorrow to see a picture of that since again I finished it too late to take a decent picture.
But I did finishing it today, meaning there's been two dressed dolls for November, which is awesome. I really doubted I'd get two of them done. I wish I could say that means I'm making progress on keeping the numbers of undressed dolls low, but I'm waiting for those two new dolls to fill up any empty spots on the sewing cabinet. I'm not sure how much progress will be made for that during December since it's already shaping up to be a real busy month. And right now the only doll I have any idea for is Skipper, but I've managed to avoid working on her dress for quite some time now.
I wonder how long that will last.


  1. Hello from Spain: Midge is very pretty. You created a beautiful dress. Keep in touch