Sunday, November 11, 2012

My awesome buy!

All right, like I promised, it's time to share with you all what I bought yesterday while out.
First up let me share with you the hangers:
Pretty standard stuff. I got 25 of them for about three dollars, which is a pretty good price. Unfortunately they're not the kind with the bottom bar that I can use to hang up pants that I am in dire need of, but I'm sure I can find a use for these. I still haven't used up all the ones Joanne sent me, but we are starting to run low on them, so I'm sure eventually these will come in handy. But I think by the time I get around to needing these, I'll also need a third garment rack, since right now both of them are getting pretty full. Luckily I know how to make them! 

After that we have the bag of accessories that I bought. This one is the actual exciting part about this post. Here's how it looked when I find it with everything together:
 Now let's split it up into categories

Up first we have the sunglasses. Not all of these came in the bag, the one on the far right is reproduction Barbie that I added to show off the scale of the other ones, all the rest of them came from the bag. For the most part, I won't be able to use most of these. The one on the far left (the glasses with glitter at the temples) is too big for Barbie. It does fit Sindy pretty decently, except her head is a touch bigger making the glasses bowed when she wears them. She does look cute in them, but I'm afraid of them breaking if I left them on her, so she won't be wearing them that often. The pair to the right of that one is probably the best out of the four and might actually end up on a doll. It's also the dirtiest pair. It's covered in like a tacky cobweb like substance. I haven't tried cleaning it off, but I'm sure it will clean up nicely. The final two are probably will never be used. Like the reproduction pair they have working arms (In fact all of these glasses have working arms), but how they were designed they arms can't open fully meaning they aren't able to open wide enough to actually fit Barbie's face. Which is a shame since they're really cute, but I'm not too upset over this fact, there's still plenty in the bag that totally made this purchase awesome. (And besides, Barbie can always just hold the glasses, she doesn't have to actually wear them)
Up next we have some Barbie shoes, well clone Barbie shoes. There were no single shoes in the bag so everything was complete pairs, which is nice. Some of these I might end up using in the collection. While it's true that I'm a brand name snob when it comes to dolls, the same cannot be said about shoes or clothing. Starting at the far left we have a pair of blue stiletto sandals. These are a bit different than your normal Barbie clone shoes, usually those are too small, these are in fact too big. Also the front strap is much lower than your usual Barbie shoe. I tried them on a vintage dolls, and there's no way these fit. (I also tried them on Tuesday Taylor and they were too small, rats). I'm thinking that they belong to a vintage clone doll like Uneeda that had bigger and wider feet than Barbie. I don't have any of these dolls so I can't really check. So right now they're not much use for me, but if I ever get a doll like that, she might have a pair of shoes to wear. To the right of that we have a pair of red Barbie clone shoes, these are marked (everything else is unmarked unless stated) with Hong Kong on the bottom. These are a bit smaller than usual Barbie shoes, but actually fit her feet and look good. These might end up on someone, or at least next to them since I believe red shoes can cause staining. Next to those we have another pair of red shoes, these are classic clone shoes and are too small for Barbie. Not much to say about them, doubt I'll ever use them. To the right of that we have a pair of white clone shoes. They have some red stains on them (in fact lots of the white shoes had red stains on them). These are really cute, and I think someone will end up wearing them eventually. I'm thinking about trying to remove the red stains. Has anyone ever tried that before? Would slathering it with acne cream do anything? Anyway, finally we have a pair of Tammy sneakers, marked Japan on both soles. One of these has a minor red spot, but are in good shape otherwise. They do fit my Sindy doll, which isn't much of a surprise since they're made from the same molds.

Up next we have a really exciting group from the bag, actual Barbie shoes, marked and everything. Most of them are in really good shape, except for the staining on the white pairs. In this assortment, we have two pairs of vintage Barbie Wedges, one pair with the earlier cork bottoms and one with the later plastic bottom. I've been searching forever for the match to the solo one I got ages ago, and now I have two very nice pairs. Still want to find a match to my single one. After that we have two pairs of white open toe heels, both marked Japan, both with some red stains. They're in good shape without any breaks. And finally we have a pair of sky blue open toed "slippers". They're the same as the other shoes, but they had a fuzzy ball glued to the front, one is missing, but one is still there. This pair belongs to the vintage outfit "Sweet Dreams". I can say that for certain since the outfit was in the same booth being sold separately. This single purchase has more than doubled the number of vintage shoes I own, which is pretty awesome for a confessed shoe addict.

There was also a lot of random stuff in the bag. Out of all of them, only one of them was vintage Barbie. That's the blue corduroy purse in the lower left corner. Above that we have a "Made in Japan" straw clone Barbie purse. It's in the style that came with the vintage Barbie outfit "Plantation Belle". In the center we have a Tennis Racket and holder? both marked Japan. I found out later that these belong to Tammy, which makes sense since her shoes were in the bag as well. To the right of that on the top we have a blue phone marked Hong Kong. The yellow "cord" is actually a wrapped wire, meaning it can't ever be uncurled (I actually had to rewind part of it), and the phone won't actually sit correctly on the base, the cord gets on the way. Below that we have a transistor radio also marked Hong Kong. It looks like it's missing things, maybe an antenna? It does have a cute handle that can come out. I think the dial on the side is supposed to move, but it looks like the glue might have leeched and it's stuck. I might try taking it apart to see if I can get it to move, but I might not bother. And finally there's a random blue spoon, and a clone camera, unmarked.  

I saved one of the coolest things for last. That vintage Barbie purse? It belongs to the outfit "Evening Splendor". I was examining it at home when I opened it. You know what was carefully tucked inside? The very hard to find vintage Handkerchief (it's the white scrap of fabric to the right of the purse). Also tucked inside was a scrap of paper. In tiny cursive it says; "beautiful looks Midge...." (I can't read that last word). How cool is that? That the child who owned this was so smart to tuck that small piece of cloth into the purse and it managed to not get lost! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I assure you that the handkerchief and note are going back into that purse, I don't want to be the fool to lose either of them! I wonder if the Midge doll the note talks about is that Brunette doll the seller wanted 45 dollars for. I wouldn't be shocked if these all came from the same lot.

So that's everything that was in the bag, pretty awesome, right? I can't believe I got all this for five dollars! This entire bag could have sold for five times as much easy. But it's mine! All Mine!

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