Friday, November 2, 2012

New Addition!

So, even though I haven't managed to finishing sharing with you all what I bought at the swell doll shop (last month!), I'm going to skip ahead and share with you all my final new doll of the month. I do plan on going back and filling in those missing posts, but that's for another day. (In fact it's one of the options you can vote on for what I do next week, don't forget to vote now!) If it's any consolation what I haven't shared with you yet is still bagged up and won't be unbagged until I get it posted.
Anyway, let me set the scene. The other day I was over on the Dollpage updating some of my ads since they expire from time to time. In the corner they have some random ads. Usually their nothing that I'm interested in, but this one was different. Someone had posted some Ken dolls, for free just pay shipping. They were mostly newer Ken dolls, but I did see two mod dolls. One had already found a new home, but the other one hadn't. So I emailed them asking if he was still available and if they would be so kind as to find out how much shipping would cost. I know I shouldn't be spending money on me, but for the price of shipping I could have a new Ken doll. When the person got back to me, they said that they had had a bad day, and wanted to do something nice, so I could just have the Ken doll, they would pay for shipping! I thanked them profusely, and sent them my mailing address. I also said if they changed their mind I'd be willing to reimburse them for shipping.
He arrived here last Saturday. Here's how he looked shortly after he arrived:

Free Ken and he arrived fully dressed, pretty sweet, right? He's Talking Ken. Out of the three talking dolls I own he's the only one still with his pull cord. Barbie is on a TNT body, and P.J.'s is just flat out missing. While he still has the cord, when you pull it nothing comes out. You can hear some sounds from his internal record player, but nothing actually resembling words. Still cool though. He does have some other flaws. His neck has been broken and his head has been glued on. I knew that from the ad. Looking down into his neck I can see it's his neck hole opening is broken and won't be as simple as getting him a new head to fix it. Also he has some leg melting going on. At first I was afraid that his legs had stuck and I was never going to be able to move them, but eventually I got them unstuck. I am going to have to work on treating that. I've been conversing with a Flickr friend about how to deal with melting issues, and once I have the supplies I'm going to have to take some time to focus on the dolls in the collection with that issue. That might end up being next week's project. Other than that he's in pretty good shape, pretty nice for a free doll!
I've already taken off his new clothes. While it's nice he came dressed I'd prefer to dress him on my own. I believe the shirt is a Mattel made fashion, but I'm not sure about the pants. I tried the shirt on Joe, it does fit, but is very tight especially in the arms. One more so than the other. He won't wear it again since I don't want it tearing and with him wearing it that could happen. I'll end up sticking it into the Ken clothing bag. I doubt anyone will end up in it full time, but it's an interesting print and maybe during next summer I'll have a Barbie luau and it'll be perfect for a modern Ken!
Like I said I'm not sure who made the pants. They are very interesting in their construction. At the top part, they have pin tucks, which I've never seen on mens pants before. They also have some weird pockets in front. When I first saw them I didn't think I'd ever use them. But when I was taking them off Ken I noticed that they were huge on him, especially in the seat and waist. On a whim I tried them on Joe. Wouldn't you know, they fit him perfectly. I did have to move half of the snap, but other than that they fit him just as anything I make for him, which is really cool. And the snap I removed? It was almost falling off on it's own, so I would have had to resew it either way, it's amazing how well those pants fit him. Now I wish I knew who made them so I could see what else they made.
In other news, tomorrow is the Barbie fan club meeting for November. I e-mailed Linda last night about going since I didn't have any information and still don't know how I should broach joining the yahoo group. In all honestly with my depression I thought about skipping it entirely, but I felt it would be in poor taste to drop out for every other meeting. This meeting is their overnight get together, but they are having a day meeting. I'm definitely not doing the overnight thing. They're all practically strangers, and I really can't afford a night in a hotel right now. I think the day meeting will be fine. This is the meeting where everyone will be dressing dolls for the Christmas donations the club does. I do have a small pile of stuff that I collected up to donate. I don't have much, but at least it's something. I'm not sure if they have a theme this month, but if I had to take a guess it would be sleepovers. I toyed around with the idea of making something, but decided I didn't really want to. Instead I culled through the doll clothes I already had and pulled out all the pajama style clothing I had. I ended up selecting two dolls that I dressed and will be bringing along. I decided against Ashley and Rebecca this time. I'll be bringing my newest Ponytail (who is still waiting to be dressed) and Modern Circle. I'm not in love with either of what they're wearing, but it will do. I'm not even sure if people will be bringing dolls to the meeting like that. I'll just bring them in my stuff and leave them wrapped up if nobody else seems to have brought any.

Wish me luck, I'm still really nervous!

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