Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Nice to meet you all again... some of you..."

No time for my personal projects today, like I said yesterday it was my second meeting with the North Carolina Fashion Doll Club this afternoon. It was their annual sleepover, but I was not going to be staying for that long. I was just going to go for the day portion of the meeting. I did not feel comfortable staying overnight with a room full of strangers.
The actual meeting started at two, and was being held at a Hilton in Raleigh. I wish it was being held at the Swell Doll Shop again (and not because I want to do more shopping since I have twenty dollars to my name at the moment). I liked having it there since I've already been there before so I was familiar with the route. The Hilton was both a new place and a new area, which is rarely a good mix.
I left the house at noon today. I had both dolls packed, and my small bag of clothes to donate. I also had a package of cookies to share with the group. I didn't bother baking anything this time, just bought something at the store last time I went out. Getting to Raleigh was pretty easy, it was navigating Raleigh that was the total pain. I had directions and the GPS to help me find the hotel. And both would have been a great help if the hotel was actually where it was supposed to be. From the address I was given, both the GPS and my online directions sent me to a building site. I circled around a bit, but still couldn't find the Hilton. I was in a weird section of Raleigh. It was a mix of city, town, and rural in a very short stretch of road. I was practically ready to turn around and go home and make peace with the fact that the universe didn't want me to join this club, when I finally found the hotel, thanks to a tiny sign almost hidden on a curb. It would help if the road that it was supposed to be on was named the same as the one it was actually on.
But anyway, I found it. So I took my bag of stuff and went in shortly before two. When pulling in I had seen Linda and her mother Joyce at their car so I at least knew I was in the right area. They were waiting in the lobby for everyone to arrive when I came in. They had one of the hotel push carts full of the dolls that we were going to be working on. I sat down with them and waited for everyone else to arrive. In a little bit, Theresa arrived, followed by Lori. We were waiting specifically for Lori since she was getting the room. After she arrived she got the room, and we left the lobby. We were waiting about a half an hour for people to arrive, and it turned out to be just the five of us. A couple people did call Linda and tell her they couldn't come (sounds like there's a lot of colds going around now), but there were also several no shows.
So we headed upstairs, we were on the top floor in an "Executive Suite". In all honesty I wasn't that impressed by it. It was a decent sized room, but for what I assume they cost per night I would have thought it would have been grander. It was split up into three rooms. There was a small room with a bed, that looked barely big enough for the bed, the bathroom, and a sitting room that was the larger of the three. The sitting room had a desk, a couch, a  chair, and a small kitchenette area. I mean it was nice, but it's the Hilton, and it just felt like a regular hotel room, just a little bit nicer. Maybe I was expecting too much.
Anyway, we ended up sitting and chatting for a little bit. I guess we were waiting for more people to show up, but they never did. Eventually the dolls came out as did the clothing and accessories. And we started working on redressing them. There was a lot of clothes to chose from (and a ton of dolls). Linda said that we could swap stuff that we brought if anything caught our eyes. I won't lie, that was music to my ears. I had found some things that I really liked, so I ended up swapping some of my stuff for other stuff (probably more than I should have). I didn't end up trading all of my stuff for something new, I did donate about half of it, but I did get some really nice outfits. Mainly dresses. I think I will share them with you tomorrow, this post is long enough just talking about the day. But even as I dressed dolls in what I brought and picked up a few things I liked, I got a lot of work done. We were all pretty quiet as we worked diligently to get the dolls dressed and fix their hair. I think I got about 15 dolls dressed by the time five rolled around. That's when I decided it was time for me to leave and said my goodbyes. We had all been working so diligently that the cookies I bought hadn't even been opened. In fact the only thing that had been opened was some wine (I did not partake, do not care for wine). I left the cookies there though, someone else can take them home.
Getting to my home was easier said that done. I was trying to avoid the toll road I took up there, but the map was hard to read and the GPS was basically useless. It kept trying to send me back to that road. Even when I was well past that road it wanted me to drive back to Raleigh and take it. Sometimes that machine is incredibly stubborn! It wouldn't be so bad except when you don't want to go the way it tell you to, it's useless in trying to go the way you do want to go. But eventually I got home, just took me practically an hour longer than it should have, not to mention the stress headache I got from it. But I was home safe and sound. 
The next meeting is the December one (shocking, right?). That one is going to be their Holiday Party. I'm planning on going to that one as well. I'm even thinking about making something for it, and dressing a doll specifically for it. Haven't thought who or what yet, but I do have a month to decide.

Oh, by the way. I never did end up bringing out the two dolls I brought. Not a big deal since I wasn't really wasn't that in love with how they were dressed anyway. Hopefully I can create something for the December meeting that will really impress!

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