Sunday, November 4, 2012

No Givesies Backsies!

Like I promised yesterday, today I will be sharing with you what I traded some of my stuff for during the last meeting.
I'll start off with the shoes. I ended up trading what I brought for five pairs. A couple of them I needed, and a couple I just wanted "just because". Here's their picture.

Starting from left to right, up first there's a pair of Barbie Kimono sandals, which I actually did need. Even though Charlotte has moved beyond wearing the Kimonos I made for her, I still didn't have any shoes that would really work for those outfits if she chose to wear them again. And while she was technically fine going barefoot, it did sort of bug me that she didn't have any actual shoes to wear. But now that's not a problem since I have a pair of shoes that will work for that! Next to those are a pair of blue sandals. I got these also for wearing with Kimonos, just in case that other pair doesn't work out. Also these should match that dusky winter Kimono better than the first pair. Not sure how well they're actually going to work out though. When I tried them on Charlotte, I saw a small split starting on one of the top parts, not sure if they will last too long without breaking. I think I'm going to need to get some glue to reinforce the area before I try them back on her. To the right of that we have a pair of silver plastic formal shoes. They're kind of really tacky, but I wanted them. It kind of hard to see in the picture, but they have yellow stickers in the center of the decoration at the toes, they're so 90's! To the right of those we have the same sandals as earlier, just in red. These have the same issues as the the blue pair, and the same reason for wanting them. And finally we have the gold with silver Mary Jane style shoes that came with the Barbie Loves Elvis doll. I could have traded for the entire outfit, but it wouldn't have fit most of the dolls I own. Instead I just traded for the shoes since I love Mary Jane style shoes, and don't own any in gold yet. Not sure if I'll keep the painted silver accents on it or not. Depends on what I use them for, if I ever do.

Now it's time to talk about the clothes!
Up first we have a simple blue skirt. I traded for this because it looks exactly like the red skirt that Charlotte wears a lot. And while it's very similar to that skirt, it's actually a cheap clone skirt. It's made of much cheaper materials and I don't think I'll get much use out of it. It actually is too small to fit on Charlotte when she's wearing her turtleneck shirt. It's also actually a bit shorter than the original, and I thought that one was pretty close to being too short. It's not a total waste of a trade since by looking at it and seeing how they made theirs, I might be able to make one of my own. It won't be as fancy as the original, but it might be fun putting my own spin on it.

Up next we have a pair of silver tights. I've been wanting a pair of these for a while now. I think they would look really awesome on a Mod doll. I would have made my own, but finding silver stretchy material around here is near impossible. Now I don't have to since I found a pair to trade for. They're in decent shape with a couple of snags, but they're minor and located at the top of the tights, easily hidden by a dress. Now I just have to figure out who will get them, and design a dress for it!

From there we move onto dresses, most of what I traded for were dresses. I made sure I traded evenly, those two clothing pieces above I traded other clothing pieces for, and for the dresses I traded either dresses or tops and bottoms. I really didn't want people thinking I was trying to take more than what I brought. 

Now, before I talk about my next trade item, let me pose a scenario for you all. Does anyone remember a specific toy item from their childhood that they never got? Something that you wanted, but for whatever reason it never actually ended up being something you had. Have you ever felt the need to get that item when you were an adult even though it's not anything like your current style? Well that's how I ended up with the first dress I traded for. It's the dress from Teacher Barbie from the 90s'. I will admit that it's not my usual style, but I had to have this dress. I remember being a child when the doll came out and really liking the dress, but not enough to pay for the entire doll to get it. So I never did, but I still wanted it, even though I doubt I'll actually end up using it much, that pattern is rather garish. But it must be mine! So I traded for it. It's in pretty good shape, I did notice that there's a spot where the hem has frayed and come undone. I think I'm going to have to glue it up. But now I own it and can put that childhood disappointment to rest. And, not to brag, but Charlotte looks pretty good in it, if she has something under it to fill out the bodice some since it's for the older doll body.  

Next we have another dress that was designed for the older Barbie body. I actually ended up taking it off a dressed doll, but she needed to be washed so I needed to take it off anyway, and when I was doing so I just swapped it for something I brought. It's Mattel made, and has a "Genuine B" tag, so that means it's from the 90s. I really like it, it's just so pretty. There's some wear on the brocade, but overall it's in good shape. I will need to fix the flower on it, it's coming undone a little, but that's an easy fix. Isn't it so pretty?

After that we have a dress that I originally believed was from that line of dolls when they were promoting that Barbie in the Christmas Carol movie. I actually found a Fashion Avenue tag in it, so I guess it's from that line, no idea of the year though. If anyone knows I'd appreciate if you would share. It's a cute dress, and I do like the flocked detail on the sleeves and the bodice, but now that I've looked it at in detail, I doubt I'll use this that often. The fabric that the dress is made out of is really stiff and doesn't look that nice on a doll. It really doesn't work for the scale. Oh well, live and learn.  

And finally we have my favorite dress that I traded for. This one I actually stole off a doll, I have no shame. I just really liked it, and couldn't let it pass me buy. It's a wedding dress. Mattel made with a genuine B tag. It's such a beautiful combination of frilly but not too frivolous. I think if Charlotte was going to get remarried, she'd pick a dress like this one. It has some minor wear, but I can live with it. I am looking into trying to tack the lace in front down, it has a unsightly ripple, but that's a minor issue. I'm not normally a gown guy, but this one was too beautiful to pass up. Charlotte was wearing it earlier and looked beautiful in it. So pretty!

So that's what I got, pretty cool, huh?

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