Friday, November 30, 2012

Now for something totally different!

I was up bright and early this morning. No time for dolls today, I had bigger plans. Today was the day that my Grandparents were coming through the state on their way down to Florida for the winter. Thankfully they had agreed to not come to the house so I didn't have to do a massive frenzied cleaning. Instead we were going to meet them in Denton for lunch at a restaurant. My cousin who lives in Charlotte was also going to be joining us.
So my mother, my brother, and I got into the car and headed off to Denton. My dad didn't go since he's working this weekend. We actually got there pretty easily, with only one real mix up in finding the restaurant. But we still got there before everyone else, even though we traveled the furthest to get there. But we weren't waiting long before my Grandparents and cousin showed up.
We were meeting at a restaurant called "The Mayflower". We actually have one of these in town, but have never been. It's mainly a seafood joint and I personally don't eat much seafood. But they do have burgers, which is what I got. It was okay, not really the best. It felt a little... processed. But I wasn't really there for the food, I was there for the company. I had a great time seeing my Grandparents. I had missed out seeing that for our fake Christmas, so getting a chance to see them was really nice. Even seeing my cousin was nice. I don't have a real relationship with any of my cousins, but this was a nice visit with him. We ended up chatting while after were all finished eating, and after we left the table we ended up sitting in the restaurant lobby talking some more! What can I say, we're chatty people.
Eventually we said our goodbyes and everyone went their separate ways. We were able to get home without any driving errors! Very proud of that. Back at home I had something waiting for me in the mail, actually three things. Everything I was waiting for in the mail arrived today. I was actually the only person to get any mail today. Even the lone letter was for me. It was my bank statement, I'm still poor.
I tore into their boxes the moment I got inside. I'm pleased to say that my Christmas doll is who I thought she was, but more about that after I've officially received her after Christmas. All the dolls got the start of their refreshing before I surrender them to my parents.
I wasn't able to spend my entire evening working on the dolls, I had to stop so I could make cookies. I have another social obligation tomorrow that I need to bring some food to share with me. So I decided to make sugar cookies using the recipe from that Cookie Book I bought the other day. I made this recipe with my Grandmother a lot growing up. I was going to be all fancy and decorate them with some egg yolk "paint", but after doing that with the first batch it looked terrible, so I ended up making the rest of them plain.
I was feeling kind of bummed that my cookie plans didn't work out, but I was also feeling kind of... icky, like I was coming down with a cold. I finished what I was doing, but decided that if I was still feeling under the weather in the morning I'd skip my plans for tomorrow.
Here's hoping it was a minor icky feeling and not the start of something bigger.

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