Sunday, November 25, 2012

One Month Until Christmas (For Most People)

I'll start off with some good news, Oliver is alive. Around noon today I went downstairs, and on a whim I opened the door to see if any of our cats wanted to come inside. Stepping outside I saw a familiar looking cat over at the corner of the porch. It was Oliver! People were very very exited to see that he was back. We brought him out a bowl of food (on the front porch, we're no longer putting any food on the back porch) and I ended up spending some time petting him. I also took that time to check him for any tender or sore spots from his run in with the dog. He let me and didn't freak out on me, so I guess he's not in too bad of shape. I'm so glad he came back, really takes a lot of my mind.
My day was spent working on that Ken outfit. Since it looks like December is shaping up to be another hectic month I want to get him finished and moved into the collection as soon as I can. In order to do that I needed to finish his outfit. I was mostly done, but there were still several minor things that I needed to do in order to count the outfit as totally done. I started off with the belt. Like I said when I shared the picture asking people's opinion for how to wear it, I wasn't going to use the ribbon belt on the actual outfit. I took some red calico and made a new one. I made this pretty quick, it's just a tube of fabric. I did hidden stitch the ends though, only the best for my Ken.
I also color fasted the undershirt and the pants. They're both dark colors and I didn't want either of them staining Ken, so I set them up soaking for a couple hours in some boiling water. While I was doing that I threw the shoes I'm planning on using with this outfit into another cup of boiling water. I wasn't worried about them staining since they're plastic, but somewhere along the line one of the shoes got a puncture wound on it's top. It didn't go all the way through and make a hole, so I was wondering if the boiling water would help it pop back into shape. It did help, somewhat. It still has the ding in it, but it's much smaller and you can only really see it if you're looking for it. I'm glad that worked out.
Ken also got some work today. He has some very minor melting going on to the very bottom of his torso where his legs meet his body. Today I scraped off all the melted plastic, sanded the area smooth, and coated it with clear nail polish. I was told that's how you deal with melting. I noticed there might be some melting going on inside his leg joint. I might have to do an even more invasive fix, but not today.
I don't have a finished picture to show you since even though the air is super dry his pants and shirt still haven't dried out yet. Maybe tomorrow you can see it. It would be nice to have a dressed doll finished.
That hasn't happened in a while.

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  1. Hello from Spain: I'm happy that Oliver is alive. Not long now for the Christmas holidays. Keep in touch