Friday, November 23, 2012

Retro Dolls US

A couple months ago Retro Dolls US posted an ad over on In the Pink announcing their new US website. In their post they also said that they would offer some free samples of their product to people who wanted to check out their product. Since I do re-roots on dolls from time to time, I thought it would be a good idea to check it out. I do have other sites where I buy my doll hair, but would always welcome another site, especially since they had some color changing hair and their prices seemed pretty decent.
I perused their website trying to find their contact information, but could not. I ended up having to ask them for their email specifically on their Facebook page. They were quick to reply to that, so I sent them an e-mail with my address so they could send me a sample of their product.
And I have been waiting. I sent my e-mail in September, and I have not received anything from them. I was hoping to be able to post a blog post comparing their hair to the other two sites that I have purchased from, but can't do that without a product.
And yes, I know I could have contacted them again to ask about my free sample, and how since it was free I really shouldn't have expected anything, but there was no point offering a sample and then not follow through with it. I'm not saying anything bad about the product since I really can't tell anything about it. I can just say that from what I've experienced about their customer service I really do not wish to do business with them.

Just sharing what I experienced so others can make an informed decision. 



  1. Aubrey, I am sorry if I had missed sending your samples out, I just ran across your blog and saw this. If you could please email me again with your address and the type of hair you would like to try, I would like to rectify this situation. I am sincerely sorry, it was an honest mistake.

  2. no one wants to wait for anything but considering how popular retrodolls US became so quickly was it really that hard to send a followup email if you thought you were waiting longer than you thought you should?

  3. considering you didnt follow up on your enquiry, which if someone is interested in a product and dont hear back too quickly, tend to do its pretty weak to say your unhappy with the service after only ONE email and you havent tried ANY of their products.