Thursday, November 29, 2012

Something old, something new... mostly new.

All right, like promised here's a photo of our second dressed doll for November:
She's not wearing shoes because I don't have any that work with this outfit. Dolls going shoeless is becoming the new norm around here unfortunately. Also, does she look familiar? She shouldn't because she's new. I bought her earlier in the month from Etsy. That lovely lady cost me 31 dollars, including the 6 it cost to ship. She's in wonderful condition, her only issues are a couple of deep scratches on her body. Other than that she's in amazing shape, a really great buy, even though it did totally drain my Christmas shopping money.

So today I started working early. I was working with Skipper, the final doll I had any ideas on how to dress. I did like the dress I made for her, but the fit was just not right so it needed some work. I was hoping I could save the skirt, but knew that I would just have to remake the top. So today I took the pattern and worked on it. I made four version of it... but I wasn't really that successful. I was able to work our my problem with the sleeve holes, but wasn't so lucky with getting the fit right at the bottom. I think I'm going to have to redo the outfit entirely to get it how I want it. I just hate having to redo the skirt since I spent so much time hand tacking that ribbon on it. But if that's what it takes to get her dressed.

But that had to wait since today I ended up going out in the afternoon. I was actually going to skip it, but as the day wore on I changed my mind and went out. I was hoping that while out I could find some more Christmas presents at the second hand stores, but it was real slim pickings while out. I didn't find a single thing of interest at the Salvation Army or the Goodwill for myself or anybody I was shopping for. But I did manage to find a couple interesting things at the Christian Second Hand store. 
I hit up the toy section first. They didn't have much in terms of Barbies, but I did find two dolls of interest. They're Baby Face dolls. I've read all about them online, but never seen them in person, so it was pretty cool seeing them for real. There's a really cohesive site about them here: PrillyCharmin. I found so Sorry Sarah and So Innocent Cynthia. They were both really dirty, and Cynthia has had a hair cut, but they were both really cheap and it would be cool to just play around with them for a bit, so I decided to get them. I won't lie, they're fun to play around and pose. I don't think they'll be living here forever, but it's nice to have them visit.
I also picked up some stockings to use for material for Joe's Christmas costume. I'm thinking about making him a classic Santa costume. Not the most innovative thing, but at least it's something. buying these are cheaper than buying actual fabric for it. I also found a couple of bags of the thread my mom uses to cross stitch with. For four dollars I managed to pick up a ton of them, and many of them look like they're unused. No picture of those since I've already wrapped them for Christmas. And finally I bought a book, a cook book. It's a vintage copy of the Betty Crocker Cookie Book. I'm actually very familiar with this book, my Grandmother has a copy that's she's used forever. Her copy is actually falling apart, and a couple of years ago we found a reprint of it that we gave her. And now we have our own copy! It's in good shape with minor wear to the binding. Can you believe that we actually paid less for it now that how much it sold for new? I don't think I'll make that many cookies in it, but it'll be nice to have in case I want to cook something like that, I do like cookies!
Back at home I did start working on Joe's costume, and it did not end well. The fabric is just too furry for the scale and it looked really off. So I'm going to have to do something else for him. I'm annoyed, but at least I found that out after ruining one of the stockings I bought, there's still one that I didn't cut up, so it could have been worse.
Thinking positive.

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