Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sooooo bad, but sooo good... sooo break even?

I'll start off with how bad I was today... I bought two dolls this morning. I know, I know, I really shouldn't have. There's already a pile of them waiting to be dressed over on the sewing cabinet, and I have two new ones that I'll be getting for Christmas. But today I found a doll I HAD to have. It was a Bend Leg Allen in decent condition. From the Seller's own words, one of his legs is a bit swingy, and he has some hair paint damage (and it looks to me like a darkened face). All this "massive" damage made him being sold for 13 dollars! Can you believe it? I never see Bend Leg dolls for sale, and when they are they go for much more than that amount. The seller did want 8 dollars to ship him, but I guess I should be happy that in total he only costs 21 dollars. But since I was already buying something from them, I also checked out what else they had for sale. They had a decent condition TNT Stacey doll for 10. If I bought both dolls together, it would only add three dollars to the shipping. It may be counter productive, but I feel better about spending 14 to ship two dolls compared to 8 for one.
But I shouldn't have felt too good about spending that much on either of them, because I actually have the money for either of them... I had to borrow it from my parents, meaning I now owe them 46 dollars. I will say I tried to walk away from these two. I actually clicked off their pages twice, hoping someone would buy Allen so I wouldn't have him tempting me like that. (I wouldn't have just bought Stacey if Allen had sold) But when the third time I went back to the page and he was still there, I had to get him. If I was that invested in just looking at him, I would be devastated if I lost out on him. So I'm now 46 dollars in the red, and I still have to get two Christmas presents. I have GOT to stop spending money on myself.
It's kind of funny, the past week or so I was thinking that I wanted to add another Allen and Stacey to the collection, I really didn't think it would actually happen, much less so soon.

And moving onto how good I was today. Remember yesterday's post where I talked about needing to make five outfits this holiday season? Well now I only have to make four. I spent today (when I wasn't shopping for dolls) working on a brand new Christmas outfit. When I started this morning it was just some uncut fabric and now it's a totally finished outfit. But while I finished it completely today, you won't get to see it until tomorrow since the it's too dark to take decent pictures. Darn these early nights! 
The dress I made today was for that Midge doll I got for my birthday this year. The other day when I was pulling out all the Christmas fabric I owned one of them really jumped out for me. It was that white calico with the holly print I bought last year for Ashley's dress. It never ended up working for Ashley, even though I did finish a dress and there's still several uncompleted bodices in the unfinished project box. I honestly thought that I had just wasted my money buying it, but it turns out I just hadn't found the right application for it. While it never seemed to work for Ashley it just seemed to click with Midge and I quickly designed a dress for her using it.
For the actual design of her Christmas dress, I was actually just going to remake her usual outfit, just in the Holiday fabric. In case you don't remember she wear a solid yellow shirt, with a pleated geometric printed Sindy skirt. I made the shirt, but not the skirt. So I was able to use the same pattern that I made the shirt from originally to remake it. The skirt was a little different. I went with a simple full skirt instead of doing a pleated one. I was able to get all of the machine sewing done this morning before lunch. I should mention that the reason I did separates instead of a traditional shirt-dress is because I was worried the print would look too overwhelming altogether and wanted the option to mix and mach with other pieces if that was the case. Luckily, they look pretty awesome together.
It was after lunch that the extreme hand finishing part of this outfit started. The skirt is entirely hand hemmed. Also the shirt has several places that I hand hemmed it including it's hem, and the sleeve holes. That took me forever, but I stuck with it, because I wanted to finish it today. I got all the snaps sewn, and I even added green decorative buttons to the front.
For accessories, I kept in simple. Midge kept the white hair ribbon she normally wears (mainly because I didn't want to redo it after Christmas). I also gave her a belt made of green ribbon with a white buckle. I could have gone all fancy with it, but it just ties in the back. For shoes she stole the white pumps that Mary Clair normally wears, good thing she's currently stealing Charlotte's black boots. And that's it, a lot of work, but totally worth it. I've already dressed her in her new outfit and had her join the rest of the dolls in their holiday clothes (I've pulled everyone not wearing holiday clothes off the shelf for the time being), but she won't be staying there long.
I had a bit of an sneaky reason for making this dress. The North Carolina Fashion Doll club is having their holiday party this Saturday and I was thinking about bringing a doll with me. And I wanted to make something new for the meeting, and now I have something. Now the only question is, do I bring Midge, or steal her dress for someone else (which I was planning on doing until I saw how cute she looked in it)?  

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