Saturday, November 10, 2012

Such a deal.... such a deal!

So, today I was planning on working on the blog. I've been trying to be good keeping it up to date, but that's easier said than done. At this point I really need to spend an entire day getting caught up, on this week alone. I'm seeing a lot of draft posts when I check in, and that needs to stop. At the rate I'm going I'll need to devote an entire week to getting caught up in order to get things back to normal... or at least as normal as things get around here. But like usual, what I planned on doing for the day, ended up being nothing like what actually happened. I ended up going out again. I totally didn't need to, and I thought about skipping it, but I ended up going, and thank goodness I did.
The reason I was going out was to pick up some Christmas presents. One of the last times I was out I had found some small items that my sister's husband would like, but ended up not getting them (I needed to conference with my mother to see what she thought of the idea). I also didn't get them the next time I went out. But this time I was going out to get them, so I had no excuse not to.
But you know I can't just go out to one store and just get a few things. I think I ended up visiting half the stores in town. No, I didn't get something at all of them, but I certainly made my fair share of purchases, including some really good ones. (And I do mean really good).
Of course I ended up at the three second hand stores, even though I had just been to them last Thursday. It's just you never know what will turn up at them so you should check often. I didn't see much that I needed, so I left most of them empty handed. I did find a hot glue gun at one of them for two dollars. Don't worry I don't plan on starting to use hot glue for my sewing, it's just the other day my mother and I were talking about having one around the house just in case it was needed for something. (I can't remember what she was talking about specifically, but I think she actually had a project she needed one for.) So when I found one today I decided to get it. Now I have it in case I need it, and I just know that if I did find a project I needed for one I'd never find one cheaply and have to buy it new. So I gladly shelled out the two dollars for it so I won't have to spend seven later to get the same product, just new in the package.
And while I didn't find much at the second hand stores that interested me, we did manage to get a couple more presents for my mother for Christmas. Right now she's the person with the most presents, a lot of little things, but I think she'll like what she's getting. Since I'm in charge of the Christmas stuff (by choice), I've started a word document to keep track of what we've gotten and what we're still missing. Although it's a little sad looking at my own section and it's totally blank! (But I do have company, my sister's section is still totally blank too.) Hopefully that will change soon, for both of us.
My mother wasn't the only one to get presents today. Like I said I was heading out to get those presents for my sister's husband. What I wanted for him was over in Big Lots, so I headed over there to get the items... which was easier said than done. Turns out between the week since I had been there last and now they changed their toy section. Not by a whole lot, but enough to make what I was looking for harder to find. I did end up finding 2/3 of what I set out to buy. One of the things I was looking for I just could not find, I guess they ended up selling out of it. I did find a replacement item there. I also managed to pick up another present for my mother (an inexpensive watch she can wear around casually) and something for myself. I needed a gold pen for another one of my projects, and I managed to find a gold gel pen when I was there so I got it. It's in a pack with several other colors that I don't need, so my sister might end up with the rest of them in her stocking.   

And I'm saving the best for last. Also when out I stopped into the Antique Stores on Sunset. I haven't been there in a while and with Christmas coming up I wanted to check out what was available locally for myself. (What can I say, greed is a wonderful motivator.) The first store I visited was a bust. I didn't see much that was new, much less of my interest. I did see a bag of three dolls, two were clone dolls, but one was a Growing Pretty Barbie head on a small (not sure who's) incorrect body. I really don't want or need that doll, but the five dollar price tag was tempting, but I ended up putting it back deciding to think about it, and come back for it later, unless something better caught my eye.
Skipping ahead to the third store, it was a total bust. I didn't see anything that I wanted. I did see a familiar doll face there though. It was a Sunrubber doll. One that I remember playing with during my childhood, I called her Sally. Sally was my first (and up until Chatty Cathy, only) foray into child dolls (I've always been a Barbie boy). I put Sally through a lot over the years. I actually still have her, but she in bad shape. I also bought a second doll (named Allie) several years ago who's in much better condition. They live in a box in my parent's closet, and while they don't get out much but I know they're there. If I didn't already have Allie already I would have bought this other doll. But I really don't need a third version of a doll when I rarely do anything with the first one. They also had the boy version of Sally, who was more tempting to get, but I didn't want to split them up. I know, I'm weird like that. But either way I really didn't need to get them, so they stayed there for someone else to adopt. My father didn't leave that store empty handed, he managed to find a military hat he wanted. It's going to be one of his Christmas presents. Right now it's locked away in a plastic bag. I'm sure I'm being overly cautious, but I never trust random hats to be bug free. It's going to stay in that bag until any risk of bugs has passed. There's plenty of time between now and Christmas for that.
Jumping back to the second store, that's where I had some good luck. I started off with checking out the Barbie booth like I typically do. And it actually had some new dolls in it! I didn't stick around too long to check out all the new dolls because I wanted to see what else was new in the store, I did plan on coming back to that booth though. I went upstairs, since that's where I find most of my purchases in that store. I actually didn't find anything that I wanted. In fact one of the booths I always check out was flat out gone this time! I did however find a book that my dad might like. It was an written account of a Marine that was in Japan during World War II, which was a situation that was very similar to my Grandfather's. (I know he was in Japan at that time, just not 100 percent sure he was a Marine or not). I decided to buy it for him as his Christmas present, but only after running it by him to see if he even wanted it. I did, and he did. So I ended up getting it for him. I also ended up going back to the Barbie case. I did have a reason for doing so. You see inside the case was a ziploc bag with some random Barbie stuff in it for six dollars. I could see that it had some vintage style shoes and some other random stuff. I had them open the case so I could look at it, and it turns out I definitely wanted it. I also picked up a bag of doll hangers from there as well for four dollars, because well I'm addicted to doll hangers.
My grand total? Ten dollars! I was so shocked. I thought the book for my father was going to be half off, but when I mentioned that to the woman she corrected me, it was actually 75 percent off, which was music to my ears! And all the doll stuff was 20 percent off, so I really got a deal.
But you'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about that because it's too late to take pictures and I do love being cruel and making you all wait like that!

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