Friday, November 23, 2012

Up and Down

I started off my morning with some doll sewing. You remember those red pants I made for Barbie a couple of days ago? The ones that I said I didn't like any of the fabrics to make a shirt to go with them? Well it turns out I did. It was actually a patterned fabric that I had decided against the first go around but this morning when I looked at it again, it seemed to work with the pants. So I decided to take a chance and make a shirt with it. Even if I decided I didn't like them together I wouldn't be out much, besides I was tired of sitting around waiting to visit Hobby Lobby to see if they even had a fabric that could work. And we all know by now that Hobby Lobby rarely has anything close to what I need on a regular basis.
I used the simple collared shirt pattern that I have, and managed to get all of the machine sewing done this morning. I did start finishing it by hand, but I ran into trouble. I think I'm going to have to take out one of the darts and redo it, but I ended up giving up on it for today. I actually do like the shirt with the pants. If I can get my act together it might end up on someone and actually have someone join the collection this month. If not the doll wearing this outfit and Ken might end up being December's dressed dolls.
In the afternoon I was busy with some cooking. Since our Thanksgiving is tomorrow I wanted to do what I could do today so I wouldn't have to do everything tomorrow since it's already going to be rather busy. There's not much that can be done that early except for the desserts. So today I made chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake mousse, and chocolate cream pie. I personally wouldn't have made the cookies, but my father asked for them. I was hoping to cheat with them and use a premixed bag, but couldn't find any at the store, so I ended up making them from scratch. They took the longest out of all the desserts to make. Anyway, I got all those done all by myself.
After that I started on the Turkey. I'm not cooking it today, but it needed some prep work. But while doing so I managed to mess something up due to someone's unreasonable, impractical, frivolous eating issues.Which made me mad because how it all played out didn't have to be that way. And it really made me mad because I'm doing all this work, and nobody is giving my feelings any consideration. And by really mad, I mean really mad. I was ready to start smashing dishes and I was just looking for reasons to be even more livid than I already was. Luckily by the time that happened I was mostly done so I was able to get everything done that I needed to then retreat to my room without going off on anyone.
I've been trying to cool my hot head the entire evening, and while what I've been doing has helped I'm still plenty annoyed. If I had my druthers I'd just skip Thanksgiving at this point and avoid everyone all day tomorrow. But that's not going to help anything, so I'll just suffer though it, but once that's over I plan on going back to avoiding everyone for a while. I'm certainly no longer as excited about it as I was in the morning.
Would it be rude to safety pin a "Do not disturb" sign to my shirt?

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  1. I hope your holiday went well despite issues. I think that if after all your prep and work someone will mess up something you're doing you're allowed to be upset. I'm glad you didn't break anything though.