Saturday, November 24, 2012

We're so cool even our Holidays are fashionable late!

I had an early start to my day. I was awoken by an unholy noise coming from the downstairs. I could tell it was from a cat, but I could not figure out who. Since it didn't seem to be letting up, I ended up getting up and going downstairs. Turns out it was coming from outside. I turned on the outside lights, and carefully opened the door. And I quickly found the source of the noise... it was Waffles. Unknown to any of us he had apparently snuck outside the last time someone opened the door. And he made a new friend. There was a random gray cat on the porch as well, and that unholy noise was Waffles growling at the cat. So I let Waffles in, mainly to shut him up. I also stayed outside for a little bit with the gray cat. He seemed skittish but friendly. He let me pet him. He seemed nice. He looked pretty well fed so I'm not sure if he's a stray or just visiting us. He's been seen around a few times the past couple of days, so it could go either way. If he's still hanging around we're going to call the animal control and see if there's anyone looking for a gray cat. We're also thinking about posting a Craigslist ad to check if anyone's looking for the cat. But all depends if he ends up hanging around, we might end up not seeing him again.
I was worried that after all that moving I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep, and I did toss and turn for a while, but I stuck with it and managed to fall back asleep. I managed to fall asleep for four more hours and wake up at a much more respectable nine.
Even though today was our Thanksgiving I didn't have to get started on it as soon as I woke up. at 10:30 I headed downstairs to start prepping the turkey. You should remember that I'm still ticked at my family from yesterday so I was hoping to avoid them as much as possible. Apparently they had that same thought since the entire time I was downstairs working on the turkey I didn't see hide nor hair of anybody. I was actually able to get the turkey prepped and into the oven 15 minutes before I was planning to.
I headed back upstairs to wait for it to cook, it was much too early to start anything else. But the problem is, I didn't know what to do with myself. But I did manage to make good use of my time. I actually started my Christmas decorating. I was trying to hold off until Thanksgiving was officially over, but I had time to kill. I just worked on changing people on Charlotte's shelf into their Christmas clothes. I dressed Mary Clair, Ashley, Modern Circle, Re-rooted Midge, Blaine, and Pierre. Everyone just got the same clothes they wore last year. I forgot how much I liked Ashley and Mary Clair's outfit, they're super cute! I still have to dress Artemis, Vanessa, Kelly, and Tommy in their clothes, but it's not like I won't have the time. It's not even December yet! I also have to do some sewing, there's a couple dolls on that shelf this year that weren't there last year that need some clothes. (But more about that later.)
About an hour before the turkey was set to be finished I went back downstairs to work on the rest of the dinner. I was working on the stuffing when my father came out of his room, he had been sleeping until that point. He unloaded the dishwasher while I did all the cooking. It was quite a whirlwind as I made the stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and biscuits in a short period of time. The turkey ended up being done earlier than I expected (which I knew could happen), but I still managed to get everything done, on the table, and still warm all by myself. So we all sat down for our Thanksgiving meal. It was okay, I thought the turkey tasted a little dry, but other than that it was decent. I was a little annoyed with everyone at first, but eventually I got less frustrated and had a decent time.
After dinner I went out. I was hoping to go out to the Dollar Store to pick up some cheap things I still need for Christmas, but never ended up making it there. I did however ended up at all three of the second hand stores were we found some really nice presents for people for Christmas. We got several ornaments for my sister, a pair of binoculars for my sister's husband, a Japanese key chain for my brother, and a wool plaid blanket for my mother. We got some pretty good prices, those binoculars we bought we paid three dollars. I found them online being sold (refurbished) for 30. That's a pretty decent price difference.
Once back at home after updated the Christmas word document I have I wrapped all of the presents we bought while out. I'm trying to stay on top of that so I don't have a ton to wrap closer to the big day, makes it more fun. And yes, I listened to Christmas music. I can do that now, Thanksgiving is over!      

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