Thursday, November 8, 2012

When will my lies end???

In case you couldn't tell from my lack of new out of order posts, I never got around to working on the blog today. But I still managed to get things done today, just nothing that I actually planned to do. But sometimes that happens.

I ended up buying my brother's Christmas present today. It was a toss up between if I was going to buy my father's present or my brother's with that money I got from that doll I sold, and my brother won. It was just that when I was searching for what to get them, I found something I liked for him first. I'm still searching for that perfect present for my father.
Anyway, for my brother I ended up getting him four Lego Skeleton figures with the older style arm joint, he (and I) prefer those. They're not exactly what I wanted since they have a mean face and not the regular grinning skull face, but they were the best price I could find. It was either get four of these, or two (at best) of the other kinds. If he's got a real problem with their faces he could always paint his own, the back of their heads are white. The ones I got are actually on sale for the next couple days, so they were only 1.69 each. Shipping ended up being a bit under four dollars for the four of them (which does seem a bit high since they are literally so tiny), bringing the total to just slightly above ten dollars, my budget for each person. And with that I can cross another person off my Christmas shopping list! I'm 2/5 of the way done! All I have left now is my father, my sister, and her husband. Still have no clue what to get him though. It's hard shopping for someone you've only known for several years and have a very superficial relationship with. I just want to get him something that he'll actually like, but I'm not really sure what to get him. He's the hardest one to shop for since I don't know him like I do everyone else. My mom is supposed to get Christmas lists from everyone and hopefully I can use his to give me ideas as to what he wants.

I also ended up doing some sewing today. That failure of a dress yesterday for Skipper got me thinking about an earlier dress I had attempted to make for her. A couple of weeks ago, I believe during one of our hiatuses I did some work on making a dress for her. Like usual for Skipper I had to draft the pattern for her, which I did. I worked on it for a while, even getting to the point where I made the bodice out of the correct fabric. But, what happens far more often that I'd like, it ended up not fitting and being unusable. So I gave up. I was pretty annoyed with the project that at time, so I took it off her and put it into the unfinished project box. But even though I was done with it at that time, I wasn't done with it forever.
A short time later I needed to go into the unfinished project box for something else, and I found that bodice again. I still wasn't ready to start work on redrafting the pattern, but I did end up taking it out and putting it back on Skipper. Eventually I took it back off her and put it back in the box.
But with yesterday's dress it came back into my mind. I still liked it, but wasn't ready to work on that pattern again. So I ended up starting from scratch... sort of. Yesterday's dress used an old pattern, but in a new way. It was the belt pattern piece from that vintage Barbie's Let's Dance pattern it ended up working as a Skipper bodice, with some adapting. So that's where I started with today, taking that pattern and adapting it again. I made three paper pattern adaptations before I started with fabric. One quick test piece, and I was ready to use the correct fabric. And it actually ended up coming it pretty decent, especially for a brand new pattern. I did have to go back and fix the armholes a little bit, for some reason they ended up being bigger than the test piece and when you moved Skipper's arms they got in the way. I'll have to keep that in mind for next time.
I wasn't done there, I made a lot of progress on the skirt today too. I even hand tacked down a ribbon to it (which took forever). I even attached the skirt to the bodice but I'm going to have to redo that. For some reason, what I thought was the center of the bodice actually wasn't, so when the dress is on Skipper the skirt is really off center. So I have to fix that, and there's also a lot of finishing work to do with the dress, but I do really like it.
Could she be the first dressed doll of November? (Please be yes.)

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  1. Hi Aubrey, I understand wanting to start every design from scratch but there's no shame in making, or buying,and then using a sloper or block as a basis for your patterns. You'll end up with a lot less bad surprises and time wasted with clothes that don't fit. It's what most designers do. Knowing everything is virtually guaranteed to fit frees them for the creative part of their work and makes sewing a lot more fun.