Sunday, November 18, 2012


So I misspoke about my Grandparents visit date. They're not coming this Friday, but next Friday. Still a ton of cleaning to get done, but at least I have a week longer than I thought I did. But there's still hope we don't have to do that. We texted my Grandmother today about maybe meeting them in Charlotte on that Friday and spending the day there with them. I'm hoping that it will be better for their travel plans and that will work out. Haven't heard back from her yet, but there's a glimmer of hope. If it does work out we'll have to figure out what to do in Charlotte.

Please let it work out.

My day was... mostly dull. I didn't do much. I did do some sewing for Tutti, but it ended up being a total bust and I ended up just wasting fabric. I hate when that happens. I also did some inspirational searches but didn't find anything. I guess it's time to fess up... I'm stuck. I haven't found anything I really wanted to sew this month, and the few times I tried sewing something it was a terrible disaster. Last month was really bad too. I didn't get a single doll dressed in October, and it looks like November is shaping up the same.

And today wasn't without it's fair share of terrible moments. And I do mean really bad ones. This morning when my dad was home from work he put the dogs out. Do you remember that stray cat that's been hanging about? Well, he was on the back porch when my father was putting the dogs out. Yellow Fellow ignored him, but Pach attacked him. He got him in his mouth and was shaking him about. Luckily my father was there and was able to get him to let go. The cat got away, but we have no idea how hurt he is. In all honestly, he could be dead by now, which is really upsetting. This really upset my dad. I was awoken this morning by his screaming and going off on the dog. He was really, really, really mad. There was a real risk of this being the end of Pach. I tried to calm him down and have him go to bed, at this point what was done, was done. I ended up checking outside several times today for the cat. I even walked over to the barn to check for him. I didn't see anything, which I'm hoping is a good sign. I'm praying that he's just scared and he'll come back in a couple of days.

Please let that work out too.
Is there something weird going on in the universe? I'm just really tied of having crappy days.

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