Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Actually a Good Day

Another night of decent sleep, and another day where I spent most of it feeling like my old self. I'll be glad when I'm totally back to normal.
And my being more on the mend was beneficial. I was good today, I had the opportunity to go out, but didn't. So you see, I can skip going out from time to time.
I even managed to do some sewing today. You may remember my last temper tantrum a few days ago when I mentioned that I had failed in making a dress for Julia. Today I sort of went back to it. I say sort of because it's now in a different fabric, and for a different doll (and with a different technique). It's weird, I've had the pattern, the doll, the idea, and fabric for a while now (I've been waiting to dress the doll for over a year now), but today they seemed to all just click. So I got to work and after a while I managed to get the bodice mostly finished. I did have to go back and tweak a few things, but I'm ready to add the skirt... which is easier said than done. I did try adding it earlier, but ended up having to rip out what I had done at least four times. It ended up being for the best since I needed to do more work on the bodice, but that means I won't be able to finish it until tomorrow at the earliest. But I am really liking how this dress is turning out. Could it be possible that I get a doll dressed this month? (Let's hope it keeps working out!)
I could have spent more time on that dress but instead I totally changed gears... and made more sugar cookies! Not for any real reason, I just had a craving for them. I guess making them for that meeting unleashed a beast, one that could only be quelled by more cookies! I was going to make them yesterday, but we were out of butter. But since my dad went to the store today, we had more! So I made another batch of cookies using the Betty Crocker cookie book again. Last time I made them I used biscuit cutters to make them all a boring and uniformed circle shape. This time I used some fancy cookie cutters that we bought a while ago but still had not used yet to make them more fun. I made half moons, stars, hearts, flowers, atomic gingerbread men, and a fancy diamond shaped one. I really had fun using those vintage cookie cutters!
But now there's a plateful of cookies that are just begging me to eat them! Which I'm sure I will. They won't last long around here at all. (But I will have help). I just hope I don't get people tired of them, I'm planning on making another batch on the 28th (Our faux Christmas Eve).

One week until Christmas (the real one that is)!!! Eleven days until my family's faux one!

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