Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another night, another problem.

Another rough night around here, and no my tooth wasn't the culprit. (Although it's still bothering me). This time the trouble maker had a name... Sunshine. Last night I was sleeping okay. At 2:44 in the morning I head a loud vehicle idling outside. I listened to it for a while expecting it to pass. It didn't so I got up to go investigate. Looking out the front door I found it was a electric company truck. Not sure what was up with that, but since we still had power I figured it was for something down the road, so I went back to my room. It was then Waffles decided to run into my room, jump on my bed, curl up into a ball, and fall asleep. Since he wasn't being a pest I felt bad kicking him out so I left him there thinking it wouldn't be a problem. Boy was I wrong. Waffles was fine, I don't think he moved more than one foot the entire night. Sunshine however decided that since Waffles was on her bed she must now use the room as her personal jungle gym. She was running around, bouncing all around, and trying to get my attention for the rest of the night. I am so not pleased with her at the moment. Especially since my tooth is still hurting and has managed to manifest itself in a headache and some ear trouble. I'm thinking I have something viral, which is not fun. I have too much to do to get sick right now.
So I took it easy today. I skipped cleaning... but did go out instead. I did need to get a couple things into the mail. It was a real quick trip, I did go to one thrift store (after being pressured), and while I did find stuff I wanted, I ended up putting everything back after I really thought about if I wanted it. So I didn't get anything while out. And I really didn't need to, I have plenty at home to amuse myself with.
Back at home I started working on Charlotte's Christmas dress some more. I'm still working on the skirt, the pleated part. It did not go well. I think I tore out about three times as many pleats than what's actually going to be in the skirt. But I want to like it when I'm done, but right now it's not shaping up how I envisioned it.
Which is frustrating. Hopefully when I work on it next time I can get it more to how I want it.
But that will have to wait until tomorrow, I'm still exhausted, and if that darn cat even sneezes tonight she'll be sleeping in the basement with the other cats!

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