Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Back again?

I started off this morning by cleaning off my desk. (Finally, right?) It was such a cluttered mess that I just couldn't even think about sewing on it when it was covered like that. I didn't manage to get everything put away since there's still several things that are without homes, but I got a lot of things that I had been neglecting to put away back to where they belong. I also ended up sticking Joe and Cindy Sad Eyes back on the bookshelf. I do plan on working on their outfits some more, but since they're not getting working on at the moment I might as well put them somewhere else until I come back to them.
But even with my desk clean(er) I didn't start sewing. Instead I went out again. I'm going through another one of those phases where I get the chance to go out a lot and do so. I even hit up all of the thrift stores even though I had just been there yesterday. I actually had an excuse for going to the Salvation Army. My dad bought a DVD from there yesterday and when we were home he found out the case was empty. So we needed to go and try to return it, I had no excuses for the other two stores.
We were able to return the DVD for store credit, which was quickly spent again. I didn't find a whole lot there (no shock since I had been there yesterday), but I did find this spool of ribbon. I believe it's from the seventies. What's interesting about it is it's a spool of ribbon designed like cheater cloth for quilting. The "fabric squares" are tiny, and should work for Barbie. I thought it would be cute for a 70's era dress, but my mom suggested that it might work for Barbie quilts. I don't think any of it was ever used. I had to take out the original staple holding the ribbon together, and it unrolls to six feet which is the length it came new. So I got brand new vintage ribbon! It is a little stiff, so I'm going to try soaking a bit to see if that helps soften it. I also picked up another book for my mother, and a board game for her, both for Christmas. I only spent 2.50 for all of that, and that was the only thing I got from any of the thrift stores.
I also hit up Hobby Lobby again. I was actually going in there for a totally frivolous reason (but then, I kind of always am). They have a small Cinderella cross stitch ornament type things. I don't cross stitch, but my Mom does, and she said she would make it for me. I was going to buy it yesterday, but decided to use the coupon on the green thread instead. So I was going to buy it today, but when examining it, I saw that you could get either Cinderella or the Prince, and it looked like they came out of a bigger design. And sure enough looking to the right and up, there it was. It was a bigger image of both of them. It was also a lot more complicated and expensive. I decided that if I was going to buy one it would be the bigger one. But I didn't buy it today, it's one thing to agree to making something that's 2X2 inches, it's another to do one that's 5X7. So I needed to ask my mom if she was willing to make the more complicated version. Also this one was a lot more expensive and I wanted to wait until it was on sale on it's own.
So I wandered around for a bit after deciding that. Did you know the Christmas fabric I bought yesterday was now gone? I knew that there wasn't much left when I got some but I wasn't expecting it to be totally gone. I even checked the remnant section to see if there was any there, and there wasn't. I almost got out of there empty handed but then I found it. They brought back their clearance section! I bemoaned the loss of it a couple months ago, but found I made less impulse buys when it was gone, but it was not meant to be. And of course I just had to look at everything that was there... and buy some of it!
Now, I almost walked away except that had something I actually needed, and once I had plans for that the flood gated were opened. In the clearance section they had some khaki fabric. I wanted this a while ago to make a pair of pants for Joe, but it was like nine dollars a yard, way too much to spend on the dolls. Now they had it for five dollars a yard, a much better price, but I still only got half a yard. I also picked up a half yard of this sailor looking fabric. I've been eying this fabric for a while now, but couldn't justify getting any at it's original price. Again it was marked down to 5 dollars a yard, so I decided to get it now. Hopefully a project will come around for it. I also picked up a total impulse fabric. It's kind of Mod looking with it's bright colors and flowers, this was the cheapest at 2.50 a yard. Again I only got a half yard. Not sure what to do with this one, but felt maybe I could use it for something. I also ended up using the coupon again for more thread. I don't have any thread to use for the khaki pants and I didn't want to make them with thread that didn't match. So I bought some that did. Funny  story, the thread that was named khaki wasn't even a close match to the fabric, it was much too green. "Buff" ended up being the right color for it, which was weird. I guess khaki is different colors depending on the company.
Back at home I started working on the Christmas dress for the blonde number four. I was going to make her a simple sheath dress. I wasn't in love with this fabric, so I didn't want to spend a ton of time making a dress that I'd never be totally satisfied with. This was all pretty standard stuff. I did however try something new. Usually I omit the pockets on the skirt when I make these, but this time I tried making them... they came out okay. I don't really like them in general, they sort of ruin the line of the skirt for me. I thought about removing them, but I decided against it... because I'm going to have to remake the entire dress. I forgot that the number four is a Barbie only body, which I find is slightly smaller than a Midge/Barbie body, mainly in the waist. And the pattern I was working on fits the Midge/Barbie body the best, so the bodice wasn't fitting as well as I would like. So I decided to redo the whole thing since it would be easier to just start over than rip everything out and then redo it. But that's going to wait until tomorrow, it's too late for that today.

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