Saturday, December 15, 2012

He's a mean one, Mister Grinch

*Warning, this is one big long rant, so feel free to skip it if you want to remain in a Christmas Mood. You can been warned.*
My day started off badly, and kept getting worse. We had another morning where I was woken up against my will. Little Miss Sunshine decided that she was done sleeping and so was everyone else in the room. It was later than she did the other day, but this time she didn't have Waffles to share the blame with. She was the only one in the room and just being a jerk. I don't know what to do with her. Whenever I try to kick her out of the room she just sits in front of the door and howls to let back in. If she doesn't stop waking me up like this I think she's going have to start sleeping in the basement. It's just right now the two kittens sleep down there at night because Mato .... sits outside my door and howls to be let it. It's a real catch 22. I can't have all of them in the basement because Sunshine still hates all the other cats. I just want my sleep! I'm trying to get caught up on the sleep I missed earlier in the week and I'm still sick. I won't be able to get better if I don't get any sleep!
I really didn't feel like doing much today, so I didn't. I did do some sewing for one of the dolls today, my Julia doll. It did not end well. I literally ended up ripping up the fabric in frustration. It's not that big of a deal, it wasn't going to work out anyway. But that one little failure really set me off. I was so mad I didn't want to deal with anyone, neither person, nor animal, nor doll. I was so testy and just ready to snap at the first thing that tested me.
Oh, and I was tested today, believe me I was. So we finally found out my sister's schedule for Christmas. So now we're having Christmas on the 29th compared to the 28th, but for totally dumb reasons. My sister is coming down from Philadelphia for the holiday. She's the only reason we're putting it off in the first place, she has to work, which I do not begrudge her. What I heard was that she was going to drive down to our house, spend a few days, then go to Raleigh and spend a few days there. Turns out it's reversed, she's going to Raleigh first then coming here, thus pushing back our Christmas to the next day. They are planning on getting here on the 28th, but when pressed for when they would arrive we were told "sometime in the later afternoon" and I am NOT squishing an entire Christmas day into the later afternoon (if they actually arrive at that time). I did not work that hard for just a few hours of Christmas, I earned the whole darn day. I know it sounds like a petty reason to get so worked up, but I'm annoyed by the lack of consideration. She and her Husband are required to bring and do nothing for the actual day but show up, and they can't even do that right! It just makes me so annoyed.
Oh, she asked what I wanted for Christmas today (and everyone else in the family). Apparently everyone's getting books, or were at least asked what books we wanted. I really didn't have anything to tell her. I assume she's going to a local Raleigh bookstore to trade in some books they have to use the credits to buy everyone's presents. That's what she did last year, she's a real big spender that sister of mine. I don't really have any titles to tell her. I don't read actual books a lot lately, and when I do find something I want it's so obscure I doubt she'd find it where she's looking (not to sound too hipster). And the sad thing is I told my mother a while ago a cheap and quick present she could get me a while ago, a pair of size 0 knitting needles. There's even a set of them on Etsy I could send her that's under six dollars including shipping that would work. But that's not a book now, is it? At least I know what I get from my parents I'll really like, unless I die of sleep deprivation first.
I'm at the point that thanks to several different factors I'm totally over Christmas. I just want to go to bed and wake up when it's all over. Between global, family, and personal stuff I'm just having a rough time this December, and I'm just going to give up on doll sewing. Sewing for seven dolls plus all the house stuff I needed to do was just too optimistic of a plan. And that was before I got sick. Right now I don't think Charlotte is going to get anything new for Christmas, same for Joe and Cindy Sad Eyes. I just don't have the energy for it. I need to focus that on not crying/screaming. Wish me luck!    

You're a monster, Mister Grinch, 
Your heart's an empty hole,  
Your brain is full of spiders, 
you've got garlic in your soul, Mister Grinch


  1. Oh dear, what a day. I hope tomorrow is better & that you're feeling better soon. Being sick just makes everything that much worse! Hugs!

  2. Hello from Spain: I'm sorry that you have such a bad day. I hope you feel better. . Keep in touch

  3. I hope you can get some sleep. I have a cat much like yours. He wakes me up at odd hours at times. I have learned to make him lay back down. it works most times. You can also try ear plugs.

    Sorry about the whole family thing. You just have to learn to accept others quirks as it were. You know what to expect from some. Don't let it ruin your day(s). Holidays are what you make them