Monday, December 17, 2012

I have a question for everybody...

I'm curious, when receiving a free sample from a company, do you just use the actual product to gauge the product itself, or do you use your entire experience to gauge the company?


  1. I use the entire experience to gauge the company. It's a bit of a paradox but I find you can learn a lot more about how a company does business by how it behaves when there's no money changing hands. Like how professional they are (website for questions), if they skimp (sample too small, no coupons for first purchase),etc.

  2. I use my whole experience too. Like Maricha says even if there's no money involved a potential life long customer may be made.

  3. I use the entire experience. The product maybe okay but if the company is full of jerks or their service is sub par then I don't want their product anyway.