Monday, December 17, 2012

I suck, I can't even make socks!

I'll condense this part,
Sleep: Same as yesterday
Physical Heath: Same as yesterday

I spent a while today stalking the mailman. Out of the three things I'm expecting in the mail, two of them are set to arrive soon, hopefully today. But it wasn't meant to be. But it wasn't easy to find out, the mail didn't get here until after four! I guess it's going to be here later and later the closer we get to Christmas, I just hate to wait to be disappointed so late in the day. But I really shouldn't have bothered, turns out that everything I'm waiting for in the mail has yet to be shipped. I totally understand the shirt I bought yesterday (which was the item that I was not expecting to arrive today), but everything else I bought early last week, so I figured that it would at least have made it into the mail by now. Not to sound too impatient but that's kind of annoying. I'm not expecting it to get into the mail the same day I bought it, but I think almost a week is pushing it.

Anyway, regarding the title. I'm still stuck on doll sewing, I have absolutely no ideas for anyone, and even worse, no drive. I did sort of come up for something for a Francie doll I have. I sort of liked it, but I would need to draft a new pattern for it. So I wasn't really jumping at the bit to work on this project, but I still wanted to sew. Since the outfit called for knee socks and those are quick to make I decided to sew up a pair. I also decided that since Malibu Francie will need a pair to cover that hole in her ankle, I'd make a second pair at the same time for her. Since the Francie sock pattern I found had "not perfect" written on it I decided to not cut them all out at once. I cut out one pair and sewed it up. It ended up being way too tight for Francie, and almost didn't fit Skipper. So I made a quick adaptation and cut out two pairs from this one... guess what ended up being too big? Now I have three pairs of socks that I'm not at all happy with and doubt I'll use.
I can't be messing up socks that's something I thought I mastered years ago!

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