Sunday, December 16, 2012

Improvement... slight improvement

I had a much better start to my day today, the cat wasn't super annoying and didn't wake me up too early! I did take steps yesterday to try and tire her out during the day so I guess that helped. I'm still plenty exhausted from the past couple days of not getting enough sleep, but at least now I'm not getting any further behind. Hopefully this is the start of getting back on track sleep wise.
I'm also feeling slightly better physically, slightly. I'm still nowhere near back to normal but at this point every little bit helps. Again hopefully this is the start of getting back to normal and there won't be any fall backs. I really can't afford to be sick that much longer. But since I'm still feeling under the weather I didn't want to press my luck, so I took another day to rest. I skipped my cleaning again. But I wasn't a total layabout today. I did manage to do some shopping! Just some internet shopping (I'm in no mood to actually go out), and just for a final Christmas present. I had already bought presents for all of my family except for my sister's husband. Since the big day is getting closer (but not as close as I thought it was yesterday) I needed to buy his present so it would get here in time. Also I needed to buy it and stop spending every dollar that comes my way on myself, that's seriously selfish. Since they don't read this blog I can tell you what I got him. I bought him a Batman shirt from E-bay (I swear I bought it new!). It was one of the things from his Christmas list, so he should like it. It didn't cost too much, so I was able to stay on budget for him, even including shipping. I even had enough left over so that I could repay my parents back some. Between that and some earlier repayment I'm now only in the hole to them for forty bucks. Hopefully I can keep making progress on that. I don't have anything I want to buy right now, but I really dislike owing someone money. I want to own all these dolls outright!
I even managed to do some sewing today too. Late in the evening I decided to go back to Charlotte's Christmas outfit. I changed the skirt to something similar to my original design, but totally different. I was not using the steampunk outfit's skirt as my model. I sewed most of of it today, but I don't think I'll end up using it. For some reason it feels way too short, even though it's basically the same length as the steampunk skirt and I don't feel the same way about that. I really don't understand it. But I'm not willing to make this skirt for a third time. I guess it's really back to the drawing board for Charlotte's outfit. And you can tell that I'm in a better mood than yesterday since this little snafu hasn't resulted in a huge tantrum like it would have yesterday.
So really, progress all around. 

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