Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It's finally here, my family's Christmas!

I'm a bit tired today. As usual I had a hard time sleeping last night. I'm not really sure why but I always have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep the night before Christmas. It was more understandable when I was younger and super excited about what my presents were going to be. And while I am excited about getting my presents, it's not like they're much of a surprise, I bought most of them. It's one of those things about me I'll never fully understand. 
It was around nine when I headed downstairs. My parents, my sister, and her husband were already awake. My father was preparing breakfast for everyone. My sister had requested pancakes for Christmas earlier in the month so this was planned. I don't like having something that heavy in the morning so I just stuck with the regular, rice crispies cereal and a cup of tea. After I finished I opened the first box of presents I wrapped and placed them under the tree, followed by running upstairs and getting the second box of presents and adding those to under the tree. Not to toot my own horn, but even with a limited budget, we managed to get a pretty decent amount of presents under the tree. But we didn't start opening them up as soon as breakfast was over. We ended up sitting around chatting for a while until my sister didn't want to wait anymore and woke my brother up so we could start unwrapping presents. I think that was around ten. How times have changed, my siblings and I used to be chomping at the bit Christmas morning to open presents, and now we're all sitting around leisurely before we finally get around to it, and honestly I could have waited even longer. I did want my presents, but I could have waited a bit longer for them.Even though I was the one who shopped for everything, and wrapped everything, I was also the person who handed out all the presents. Which was fine, I actually volunteered. I had a couple "gag" gifts I needed to hand out in specific orders and it was just easier (and better for the gags) that I handed everything out instead of directing it from my seat. It really didn't take me long, there wasn't that many presents to hand out. By handing them out I also had a front row seat to everyone opening their presents. I was mainly interested in mine, they seemed to go over well. I think everyone liked what I got them. My sister's husband liked the pinball game, but he especially like the Ewok bank we got him. I found it at a thrift store a while ago and held onto it to give it to him at Christmas. It's apparently going on his bookshelf which is a place of honor.
After I finished delivering everyone's presents I could finally open mine. I knew what most of them were, but there was still a couple surprise ones in there. I won't leave you waiting much longer for what I got. From my parents I got some Cinderella Squinkies (I found these at the Christian Second Hand store for two dollars), from my sister I got a Cinderella Uno Game, and a Snuggie... which was.... nice? (The Snuggie has been since given to my mother, who will use it more than I would). But that's not the big presents. You've heard about these before, but not in specifics. What I also got for Christmas were two vintage Ponytail Barbie dolls (a Number Five Blonde, and a Number Four Brunette)! Which is pretty awesome! Unfortunately you're going to have to wait a bit for the detailed introductions for these two, this post has gone on long enough.   After presents I started on Dinner. I managed to get the turkey into the oven pretty quickly. While it was cooking several people started playing Monopoly, which my brother got for Christmas. My father and I declined. While everyone was playing I spent most of the time cooking. I managed to get it all done with minimal help. Then we all sat down for a tasty meal. After dinner we just hung out for the rest of the day.
 Plenty of snacks, plenty of chatting, and plenty of fun.
I'd say overall this was a really great day.       

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  1. It does sound like a nice day. I miss having my family all around. I have my little ones but it's nice to have your "growing up" family with you on Christmas.