Thursday, December 20, 2012

My 900th Post!

Blogger tells me that this will be my 900th post, which is a pretty big milestone, especially since I didn't think I'd stick with it when I started blogging. I'm not sure if that's everything or just published posts. If it's everything then there's actually about 890 published posts with about 10 languishing in unfinished states, still an impressive number.
Anyway, it was a dull morning around here. Not much to mention there. My day didn't get exciting until the afternoon because I went out! I was planning on going out to get something into the mail, but I was still waiting to hear back from the buyer by the time I had to leave. So I couldn't do that today. But I still needed to go out. I needed to get some Christmas cards. I know, super late. For some reason I just didn't want to send Christmas cards this year, wasn't feeling like it. But I had a couple people send me cards (three), so I felt I should send them some in return (plus one more). My parents also needed cards, so I was going to get a big box for them and share.
I was planning on only going to get the cards today with no unnecessary stops, but my dad wanted to go to all the thrift stores, and I was so easily lead astray.

Up first was the Salvation Army. I didn't see much there that I was interested in. I did find a bag of Christmas cookie cutters, but for three dollars it didn't seem like much of a good deal, besides I don't need more cookie cutters when I finally just used the ones I bought ages ago for the first time just the other day. I didn't even find anything that would work for a present for anyone! I didn't leave empty handed though, I found this 90's Skipper doll. She looked to be in decent shape and wearing most of her (I assume) original outfit. I have no clue who she is, but decided to buy her to resell her. She will need a bath and some hair work, but she looks pretty good. After the holidays I'm going to have to do another drive where I push myself to get stuff listed, my dresser is rapidly getting covered again.
Nothing of any interest at the Goodwill.
It was at the Christian Second Hand store where I spent the most money. They're closing soon, on Saturday in fact, and their half off sale had grown to 75 percent off, which was amazing. I ran around picking stuff not because I needed it, but because I wanted it. Sadly the fabric section was pretty much bare, and I'm sure they're not going to be getting more stuff in before they close. The toy section was pretty bleak too. I did however manage to find this Kelly doll. I'm not sure who she is, but her freckles and short red hair really caught my eye. She has a couple of spots on her face, including some red paint, but I'm hoping some acne cream will clear that up. I do plan on reselling her if they come out, but I plan on stealing her shoes first! Her dress has been cut so I won't be able to salvage it, but I think her shoes are worth the quarter I paid for her. I also found something else for resale in the toy section, two vintage Care Bear stuffed animals. They're the 20" tall ones. I found Friend Bear and Love-A-Lot Bear. They both look to be in decent shape with some minor play wear. There is some dirt on them I need to clean, but that's about it. Again, after the Holidays, I'll get them listed. And finally I bought some more Christmas ornaments. These are for me, not for my sister. They're some really cheap flocked animals. I got a Penguin and a Goose. They're really pretty terrible, and the quality control on them is terrible, but they made me laugh. For someone who is always talking about their high tastes, I can certainly like some ugly junk. I also picked up some puzzles that came from the state zoo. This store got a bunch of extra zoo souvenirs they were selling really cheaply. I held off on the puzzles since they didn't really interest me at 50 cents for two, but getting six for that same price was much more tempting! Now everyone has one for their stockings!
Back at home I ended up wrapping all the puzzles. I normally wouldn't have, but I've been collecting small bits of wrapping paper and figured this would be a perfect way to use some of it up since I don't think I have very many small things left to wrap. So they've all been labeled and wrapped and labeled again. And that's about all that happened.
Oh! I did get something in the mail today, but I think that's going to wait until my 901st post since I want to devote a lot of time talking about it, so you'll all have to wait until tomorrow for that... unless the world ends and then it won't ever happen.
So you better hope the world doesn't end!
P.S. Sorry about the placement of the pictures. Ever since Blogger "upgraded" I haven't been able to get them placed easily or correctly. I just couldn't get most of them to match up to where they should in this post. 

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