Monday, December 31, 2012

Out with the Old!

It's here everyone, the final day of 2012. Shockingly it was incredibly similar to how the rest of 2012 has been.
In the morning I ended up going out. Again, I know I shouldn't have, but whatever. There was a reason for my going out. I found something online that was being sold at a local store that I wanted. I wasn't sure if it was still there or not, but I wanted to stop in to the store and see. But when we pulled into the parking lot we found it empty. There was a sign on the door saying it was closed until January 2nd. I guess I was just going to have to wait. Also while out we also stopped into the Salvation Army (Goodwill was closed). I did not find anything, but my dad found a book (like he needs another book, right?).
I had almost made a shopping trip without spending any money on myself... but then... *sigh*. Apparently there's a new doughnut shop in town (maybe just new to us). It's in the same plaza as Hobby Lobby. My dad wanted to stop in and get some. I decided that since we were already in the area I might as well stop in and see if they had anything that was of interest to me.

Of course they did.

I visited the Christmas section first. This many days after Christmas it's looking pretty picked clean. I did not see a single tulle spools left in that section, I guess they're popular and don't last long on the clearance shelves. Good thing I didn't wait to get mine, if I did I would have had to wait until next year when they restocked them for Christmas 2013. So it's not shock that I didn't find anything there that I could use.
No, it wasn't the Christmas section that did me in, it was the fabric section, LIKE USUAL. Let me share with you what I bought there today:
 As you can see I got quite the assortment. And in fact everything I bought was on sale. The first thing I picked up was that remnant of pink corduroy. I think it would work well for a Mod fashion, or for something Valentine's related. Last time I had been in the store they still had it in stock in the fabric section, but it had gone on sale since then, so I figured that was the last of it in the store. So I decided to get it or else miss out forever on it. And once that flood gate was open I quickly stocked up. I tried finding the clearance fabric section that is usually my wallet's bane, but I guess they got rid of it again. They did however have a section where they had the clearance Christmas, Halloween, and Fall apparel fabrics. So I guess they didn't get rid of it as much as they shifted it. I didn't see any Christmas stuff I wanted (or worked with my scale), but I found several fabrics that I needed. I've been eying that red with black flocked flower fabric for a while now, but held off because of the price and the limits the large scaled flowers present. Since it was now on sale for three dollars a yard I decided I needed it. I'm thinking would work lovely for a Barbie formal dress, something with a large full skirt, and maybe a black bodice? I have time to think about it. I got a half yard of it. I also picked up a half yard of it in pink since I couldn't decide which one I liked better even though I've been looking at the red one for the longest. They're actually a bit longer than the other fabrics, so I got more for my money. The multicolored chevron fabric in between them is a bit different than what I normally buy. It's just for some reason I think something like that would really work for my Julia doll, I've just held off buying something like it because I worry that something like that won't work in such a small scale. Since getting a half yard only cost 1.50 and I was already getting stuff cut out I decided to get some. And finally we have my favorite of my purchases. I honestly don't remember ever seeing it in the store before. It's a sheer, in a wonder Pucchi-esque print. It's so wonderfully late 60's/late 70's. I got an entire yard of that since it looks like it's difficult to work with and I didn't want to risk running out. I got the last full yard, all that was left was a small piece less than a half yard when I got it cut. I got it just in time! I'm actually a bit hesitant about working with it since sheers are so tricky to work with, but I could not pass it up. It's just so pretty! I managed to get out of Hobby Lobby for just under ten dollars, which was good since that was all that I had. But I really need to be better about that. I think that next month will be another "No Hobby Lobby" shopping month. Whenever I go in there I end up loading up on fabrics, which rarely end up being used. I really need to start using my stash instead of just adding to it.
Anyway, back at home we just spent more time visiting with my sister. I was lucky today and got a package in the mail. It was a doll item so I spent some time playing with it. I'll go more into detail later in another one of those posts for later that I owe you.
In the evening my sister and her husband wanted to watch the most recent Spiderman movie that they had rented during the day. Since I have no interest in that I excused myself and came upstairs to do stuff in my room, including playing more with what came in the mail for me.
But don't worry, I was downstairs well before the ball dropped. I was sitting in the living room with my family sipping on sparkling cider when that happened (alcohol was available, but I just don't care to drink). I ushered in the new year with my family, then ushered myself upstairs and into bed.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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