Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Day After the End of the World

No time to clean this morning. I didn't have time for it because I needed to go out. Like I mentioned in Thursday's post I had something sell from my Dollpage, but didn't get payment before I went out. It was waiting for me in my inbox when I got home. I could have technically gotten it into the mail yesterday, but I just didn't want to chance going out in case some fool decided to do something stupid. I figured that the buyer could wait an extra day, it's not like it was going to get there before Christmas anyway. In case you can't tell the world didn't end, or else I would have just refunded their money since I'm sure the post office was going to be closed. Anyway, it was going to be a really frugal trip this time. My family is waiting for some money to arrive in the mail, and right now it's pretty late. We were literally scraping together spare change in order to pay for postage. But we were able to get enough and I was able to get it into the mail and on it's way. I still need to e-mail the buyer and let them know that it's in the mail, but I can do that before bed. But even with such limited funds, we actually had another stop after the post office.
Today was the last day of the Christian Second Hand store before it closes and reopens back on Sunset in late January. I wanted to stop in and check out what they still had for sale, I was hoping that things would be further on clearance on it's final day. It wasn't, but I guess I should be happy with getting 75 percent off. And I did make the most of it. I picked up a box of vintage tinsel (I've been wanting tinsel but keep forgetting to buy it at the dollar store) and a table runner that I'm going to take apart for the fabric. And I wasn't just shopping for myself. I picked up a spare sheet for the futon (where my sister will be sleeping when she visits soon) and a sweatshirt for my mother. I managed to get all that and spend less than four dollars, luckily we had enough change between my father and I to afford it.
When back at home I started taking apart that table runner. I was able to take it totally apart in a relatively short time. I even ironed it and surged the edges of the green floral piece. (It frays really easily) I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but since it was a quarter I knew that I would be kicking myself if I passed it up. I really like the green floral fabric, it might end up being a Barbie dress, and I think there might be a pair of Mod Ken pants to be made out of that striped fabric.
In the early afternoon I went out to check the mail, I'm waiting for two things to arrive so I was hopeful something would get here today. Sadly nothing for me but the money my parents were waiting for arrived! So we went back out again to do some grocery shopping... and hit up the thrift stores!
 Since we were heading out so late we had to be quick at each store or risk not being able to go to them. Up first was the Salvation Army. I really didn't find much that I needed. But I didn't leave empty handed, almost did though. I was looking through their jewelry section for any small findings that could be used for Barbie. Instead I found this small gold chain. Normally I ignore those since they could be anything and not worth much, but this one still had it's original tag. On one side it said "Made in Korea" and on the other it said "18K Gold Plated", so I decided to get it. Even it's not worth much it should be worth more than the dollar I paid for it. Add another item to the resale pile, I'm really going to have to bust my butt after the new year getting all my stock listed.
After that we went to the Goodwill where I had better luck. Up first I found this bag of random toys, I recognized several of them as Bob the Builder toys. I'm not interested in those, however also in the bag was a Honey Hill Bunch doll. I don't collect these, but do own one so I was mildly interested in this one. However I wasn't willing to spend a lot of money on one. I decided that I didn't want it if it was three dollars, I looked over the bag and found a price tag, it was only a dollar. A much more reasonable amount to spend. So I ended up getting it. But that's not all I found. I also found a Fran Dresher Nanny doll, still in her box. The box was totally trashed but the doll and her clothes looked good. She was three dollars, so I decided to get her. She is destined for resale, but I might end up stealing her clothes first.
We managed to get through those stores relatively quickly, so quickly in fact that there was time to revisit the Christian Second Hand store for the last, last time. I did have a reason for going there again, they had another box of that tinsel that was a really good price, and I wanted to check out their jeans. All the ones I have are getting rather worn and I should start replacing them. We managed to get there with a little time to shop. At first I looked through the pants section. I did find a pair of jeans that would work for my needs, not perfect but for the price I couldn't do much better. I also checked out the toy section again, still nothing I needed. On a whim I looked through the young kids clothing section for clothing that has tiny prints. I did manage to find something there. It's a toddler shirt made from super tiny red houndstooth. I love houndstooth. I actually have a plan for this. Over on Flickr I found a picture of someone sharing a vintage clone Barbie outfit made from a similar fabric. I really liked it, but never found any fabric like the original, but now I have! Now I'm just going to have to actually make the thing, but that's going to have to wait until the new year, too busy right now. I also picked up that second box of tinsel, and a partial box of vintage wound thread ornaments, mainly because they came in a box. I forget the total for my items, but it was obscenely low. Goodbye for now United Christian Outreach Center, I will miss you!
Back at home I didn't do much. I did debox the Nanny doll.... she will be keeping her clothes. They're pretty cheaply made and not really my style. I will however be keeping her bathrobe. It's pretty well made, and if you cover the shoddy stitching in the front, looks pretty good on a doll. I may end up keeping her shoes too, depends on if I can find a use for them before I get around to selling her.
Come January my shop will overflow! 

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