Monday, December 10, 2012

The Time is Upon Us...

Foreboding title right? That's intentional. That's because it's now time to start the massive house cleaning before my sister and her husband come stay with us. Like I said before the house is a mess, and I am the only one expected to do anything. I'm starting this a bit earlier than usual since I really want to do a thorough job and don't want to be even more rushed as we get nearer to Christmas. It's going to suck, but at least it's a less concentrated kind of suck.
I started off today cleaning the hallway, took me several hours, but I managed to make it look presentable. Although, the living room is bit more of a mess since I had to move several boxes into it. And eventually I'll have to deal with those. I also did some small things in some of the other rooms that need to be cleaned, but today was mostly all about the hallway.
I still have some work to do in it though. I was unable to clean the stairs since my brother's backpack was still on it. But tomorrow he's been instructed to move that or else. Then I can clean the stairs, they won't take too much time.
But then I get to start working on everything else.
Wish me luck, I'm going to need it. I already had to talk myself down from getting super mad several times today and almost quitting. And it's only day one!

I guess Christmas can't be all fun and games.

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